After victorious republican insurgency in Carthago, Tanger, Tripolis and Benghazi, Eastern Roman Empire started massive attack against rebels. Pope Siricius decided to send near 200 thousands Roman troops, because he believed Christian soldiers will be invincible. Emperors Theodosius and Valentinianius disagreed, because they worry about problems with water and food supplies. Their worries were justified when in Rufus Army started defecting because of lack of supplies and deserting army and even famine. This led to near 30 thousands dead legionaires and Rufus Army reached Benghazi with 170,000 troops.

Popular Senate of Roman Popular Republic agreed with dictator Aveciana and they sent general Gracias and his heavy armed division to Benghazi. Gracias got rifles, cannons and grenades, created by pagans scientists, escaped from Alexandrian Library. His units, 15 thousands troops and volunteers, settled in city Benghazi and fortified city. They hid their cannons and builded trenches before city.


Battle of Benghazi
Date: May 9, 392 AD

Result: Decisive strategic republican victory, collapse of Roman African Army


Republican Insurgent Army

Roman African Army



General Gracias

General Rufus (K.I.A.)


15,000 heavy armed troops and volunteers, few hundreds cavalry

170,000 Roman army troops and African mercenaries
Casualties and losses

29 dead, 79 wounded

30,000 KIA, 84,000 POW, 39,000 defectors

Battle started at afternoon May 9, 392 AD. Republican commander Gracias built trenches and placed visible markers on plains next to city. According this markers, Gracias was able to see when Roman Army will be in range of fire.

Roman Army commander Rufus decided to send massive legion attack with cavalry support on his flanks to encircle city and start slow, but decisive conquest of the city.

General Rufus did not have any information about cutting-edge technologies of Republican Army forces, including cannons and rifles.

When Roman Army reached center marker of battlefield, Gracias honk on trumpeth and ordered cannons and rifle infantry to start attack. Hidden cannons and infantry started firing against Roman Army units. Battle last only for half hour and Roman Army was annihilated by artillery and rifle fire. General Rufus was captured by light cavalry of Republican army and sent to prison where he became insane and later was executed on dictator Aveciana order.


Direct aftermath of this battle was large casualties for Roman Empire Army. Near 40% of Roman Army was destroyed by Republicans. Republicans also seen power of their new weaponry technologies. Because of large casualities, Roman Emperors decided to massive enlistment of barbarians to Roman Army. This led to collapse of border forces in Germania and Gaulia.

Later, other direct impact of battle was became Alexandrian Peace Treaty with drastic and painful conditions led to weakening of Eastern and Western Roman Empire.

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