Battle of Armageddon
Date - September 5,
ResultAllied Strategic Victory
Coalition Axis
4,300,050 men,
7,120 tanks,

780 aircraft

2,950,000 men,
5,503 tanks,
692 aircraft
Military casualties:
1,498,127 killed,
2,177,712 wounded
4,112 missing

Military casualties:2.463,126 killed,
1,51,383 wounded,

16,421 missing

Armageddon was where World War 3's outcome was decided.

Opposing Forces

The OKW and the Reichskanzler met in the Wolf's nest to discuss a war plan in the Middle East. World War 3 was going very badly for the Third Reich: Japan had been defeated, rebellions have turned into en masse riots in various cities, and the New Soviet Union had been established by the USA.

So the OKW decided on one massive battle that will decide the future of World War III; a battle that will occur in a place called Har Meggido in Hebrew: Armageddon.

The Coalition on the other hand were clombing from strength to strength, their armies supplemented by newly liberated peoples of Earth.


The coalition had been made much stronger by the defeat of Imperial Japan several months previously, and were ready to take down Germany.


The USA was already surpassing Germany in military might, and had the bulk of their forces prepared for this monumentous struggle. They had already surpassed Germany technologically and had a much larger pool of able-bodied men.


After Japan's defeat, the Kuomintang was reinstated as china's ruling government. Their new helicopter gunships (Which resemble the Hind OTL) and tanks (T-80 OTL) made them well suited for the task.


After the Japanese yoke was lifted from Korea, many men enlisted into the Korean army.

New Soviet Union

The Soviet Union had just been restored by the USA in the War with Japan. With the Slavs fleeing their slavemasters, they immediately joined the Red Army. With their ranks swelling, they are in a much stronger position (especially with American M1 tanks and F-14 fighters)


Siam had joined the war on the Coalition's side, and because of neutrality in the previous wars (albeit with brief pre-WW3 occupation by Japan), they were much better prepared for it.


General Ho Chi Minh was appointed Supreme Commander of all Coalition forces and he was well-suited for the task. His soldiers had already been trained by years of warfare with Japan.

Republic of India

Shortly after Japan's defeat, India seceded from the Greater German Reich. Their vast army would be the hub of the Coalition force.


Persia soon followed suit.

South Africa

In a surprising move, South Africa joined the Coalition. General Nelson Mandela of the South African Army would join the Coalition forces in Har Meggido


The axis on the other hand knew that this was the last attempt they will have at securing at least either a victory or a ceasefire.

Third Reich

The Nazis were in a very grave predicament. They knew that it was only a matter of time before they would collapse. Their armies were spread too thin, and this was generally the last chance they had of turning this war around.

European Union

France, the UK and the rest of Non-Axis Europe was merged into the European Union. Their forces were among the best trained in the world as well as among the best equipped.

Japanese Military in exile

What was left of the Japanese military joined this last desperate assault.


Saudi Arabia







Franco eagerly sent all available forces to Har Megiddo.


General Salazar personally led his forces to Har Megiddo.

The beginning of the end

This epic battle had religious rings to it: In the bible, the Antichrist will send all his forces to Har Megiddo, where he will be defeated by the second coming of Jesus. The Reichskanzler saw it as "Ragnarok"- the last battle in Norse Mythology, and hence the attack was known as "Unternehmen Ragnarok". Fidel Castro saw it as the "battle of the millennium", while talking to the pope (who fled to Washington DC when WW3 broke out).

Opening moves

German artillery managed to sneak up on Coalition forces and gave them a heavy pounding, which took out a significant portion of the attack force.



An American tank reaching Har Megiddo

A-10 1

An American A-10 bomber on an attack run

General Robert MacNamara ordered a full-scale airstrike on the German Reich. 50 A-10s (escorted by 500 F-14 Tomcats) launched a bombing run on the artillery positions, with their Gau-8 cannons shredding the Krupp guns.

Meanwhile US M1 tanks battled the German Leo tanks on the deserts. The Abrams (named after WW3 general Creighton Abrams) has proven to be superior to even the Nazi King Leo tank. The death ratio was 1 Abrams to every 3 Leos. The USA has proven that it can defeat the Third Reich. Initial Nazi reports of Armageddon protrayed themselves as victorious, although the end is nearing for them.

Desert struggle

The Germans and Americans fought on the plains of Meggido in a winner-takes-all battle for the Desert. The German Leo tanks were very effective and on an equal footing with the M1, but the Chinese Type 5 tanks helped the Americans.

Leopard1 2

A German Leo tank in Megiddo

Chinese Type 5

A Chinese Type 5 tank (on loan to the Soviets) bearing down on an enemy position

By the end of the tank battle, the Germans lost at least 500 tanks in this battle alone out of WW3.

Air War

The Coalition Air force met the stiffest resistance they will face: The Luftwaffe had already depleted their factories (Europe was being bombed to the stone age by US bombers.) and they were literally throwing everything they had at the coalition. The newly developed Me562 faced off with the F-18, which led to the biggest air battle in history, with almost all of the Luftwaffe and the few 30 remaining fighters retreating. The fighters could be replaced, but many of the best German pilots died in the battle, and they were near irreplaceable.


The Coalition and Axis settled in for trench warfare like that of half a century ago. This was because of the old ruins in Petra providing natural fortifications. American soldiers dreaded the inevitable "Over the top!" directive, which would lead to their certain death. Both sides knew that there had to be a means to break the stalemate, and that the war could not last forever.


VX nerve gas was perfected in the USA, and General Ho Chi Minh approved its use. It was also the most powerful nerve gas in existence, which would kill anything in its path.

The first use of his "ultimate weapon of mass destruction" came at dawn on June 6. The German soldiers were simply unprepared for such a weapon being used. at least 50% of German soldiers died within minutes of VX being used.

End of the Reich

By September 5, 1968, the last Axis forces surrendered. This would be the last major show of Axis strength. Afterward, everything would go downhill for the Axis, as the coalition's factories were at full capacity while the Axis were losing ground, even in Africa, with a Coalition South Africa advancing on an overstretched EU.

Final defeat

President Castro, Premier Kai Shek and Premier Gorbachev declared that the Coalition has won the "battle of the ages" and that it is only a matter of time before the Third Reich would collapse. This alarmed the Reichkanzler who tried to begin negotiations with the Coalition. Their terms were very harsh:

Germany return to pre-1938 borders.

The Deutsches Reich must be dissolved, the Reichkanzler resign and the Nazi party outlawed

All leading Nazi party members stand trial for their crimes

Germany must pay reparations to the countries she occupied or annexed (the reparations shall be set on a later date)

Germany must totally demilitarize.

The German citizens in the "lebensraum" be returned to Germany.

Germany will be occupied by the Coalition powers.

The peace terms were derided in Der Sturmer as a "Schändlicher Frieden"- Shameful peace.

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