The Battle of Allia
Part of Vae victis!
Battle of Allia
A picture of Roman and Senone forces fighting
Date 18th July, 387 BC
Location Confluence of the Allia and Tiber rivers, north of Rome
Result Victory for the Senone
  • Roman troops suffer heavy casualties, totaling almost one-half their army.
  • The Roman survivors are for ed to retreat to Rome, with the Senones close behind them.
Senone Rome
Commanders and leaders
Brennus Various Roman Counsels
12,000 24,000
Casualties and losses
~ 2,000 ~ 12,000

The Battle of Allia was Brennus' first victory against the Roman Republic, and directly resulted in The sack of Rome and the Sack of Veii. The victory destabilized the Roman Republic, and turned the Senones from a normal raiding force to a serious invasion force. The battle arguably set to course for human history, and was certainly important at the time.


While the Senones and Etruscans were fighting over some land, Rome decide to send diplomats to resolve the situation. However, the diplomats got involved in the fighting, thus breaking the "Law of Nations" and bring the Senone wrath down on Rome. Quickly, the Senone made peace with Etrusca, and instead moved to attack Rome. Rome, not wanting to fight in a city, gathered their army and moved to intercept the Senone at the Confluence of the Allia and Tiber rivers, about 10 miles north of Rome.


The battle was a quick and effective victory for the Senones, as the Romans fought ineptly, and their leadership did a horrible job as well. The Senone moved in in two columns, try to encircle to Romans. the Romans made and attempt at retreat but were unable to organize correctly, and were thus forced to stand and fight. The Roman line fell apart, and the Senone decimated the army. finally, after three hours of near massacre, the Romans managed to a disorganized retreat.


With the Roman army destroyed, the Senones began to chase it back to Rome, killing hundreds more Roman troops. This lead to the sack of Rome, and later, the battle of Veii. because Romes army was so nearly destroyed, they would lose both of these battles, and soon after collapse. This battle marked the beginning of the end for the Roman Republic, and was a loss they would never recover from.

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