Battle of Allenburg
Part of St. George's Night
Date 1392
Location Allenburg, Teutonic State
Result Livonian victory
TeutonicOrderFlag Teutonic Order
Coat of arms Holy See Crusaders
Flag of Sweden Swedish exiles
LivonianFlag Livonia
Commanders and leaders
TeutonicOrderFlag Conrad von Juningen
Coat of arms Holy See Richard of Bordeaux
Coat of arms Holy See Charles le Dauphin
LivonianFlag Vesse of Oeselia
40,000 men (inc. 20,000 heavy cavalry) 25,000 men (mainly infantry)
Casualties and losses
30,000 12,000

The Battle of Allenburg was a major battle in the Ingrian War which pitted a force of Teutonic Knights, aided by papally-sanctioned Crusaders, against a Livonian-Swedish force. The battle is today commonly used to mark the end of the era of heavy cavalry dominance, as the overwhelmingly cavalry Teutonic force suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of a smaller, less experienced infantry army. The phrase "I fear no pagan rabble", uttered by the Teutonic Grand Master before the battle, is also used as a Livonian national motto, albeit in an ironic sense, to this day; the skull of the Grand Master is also used in the ceremonial cup from which Livonian Dukes drink on their crowning.





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