Battle of Alexandria

Battle of Alexandria was second and last phase of Sinai Defense.

Siege of Alexandria

Date: 9 - 15 May 395

Location: Alexandria, Northern Egypt


  • Strategic Republican victory
  • Total collapse of Christian Army
  • Weakening of Republican Army

Roman Popular Republic

African allies

Sassanide army (from 14 May)

Christian Army

Christian volunteers

Barbaric tribes


Commander-in-Chief dictator Aveciana

Commander of land forces general Ginemius

General Theodem Aveciana (from 13 May)

Supreme Empire Ruler Flavius Arbogastes

Commander of Army general Theodem Aveciana (defected)


Republican Army

55,000 regular army troops

15,000 Republican Guard troops

80,000 mobilized citizens

30,000 African allies

190 cannons

30,000 sassanide cavalry (from 14 May)

Christian Army

87,000 volunteers

2,000 elite guard troops

110,000 barbarians

Casualties and losses


39,005 killed

47,125 wounded


105,465 killed

72,000 wounded

21,535 deserted


Fall of Sinai Defense Line was strategic defeat of Republican Army and collapse of Republican Army core. Republican Army also lost two high-ranked army commanders and general Ginemius was wounded. However, he was able return to General Staff HQ and commanding Alexandria Defense Garrison. Dictator Aveciana and general Ginemius mobilized all civilians and armed them with basic firearms and incendiary weapons. Strategy was to create hexagonal defense line of 6 important centers and one central position. Central Commanding chose: Northern Docks, Alexandrian War Academy, eastern agora, southern military training center, western army outpost and southwest marketplace in city. As center of defense and commanding was choose Alexandrian Library and serapeum, which was heavily fortified by mobilized citizens. All streets were fortified already during battle of Sinai Defense Line.

Christian Army won over Republicans, however they had large casualties and lost important political figures - leader of barbarians Granicus and Pope Siricius. Slavic barbarian tribes deserted and returned to Europe. Persian mercenaries were decimated during battle of Sinai and Arbogastes Elite Imperial Guard lost 80% of all heavy armed soldiers and officers. Because of that, general Theodem Aveciana and supreme leader Arbogastes ordered start of siege.


Republican Army, fortified in city, was besieged by Christians from 9 May 395.

Christians encircled city from all side and attacked suburbans. They successfully conquered southern suburban and nearly defeated republican troops in conquering of military training center.

For first three days, city was encircled and Christian Army slowly, but steadily advanced through city. Western checkpoint and northern docks were conquered at night 12 May 395.

At 13 May 395 morning, Christian Army lost important figure. General Theodem Aveciana defected to republican side. Despite his old loyalty to empire, his brother Tiberius Cornelius Aveciana gave him commanding over 11th Division in southern districts of city.

14 May 395, Republicans got another important advantage. Sassanide emperor Bahram IV. sent 30,000 cavalry at 8 May. This cavalry army arrived at noon 14 May and attacked on Christian Army left and right flanks in eastern Alexandria. Remnants of Republican Army attacked to center of eastern enemy forces. Christian Army eastern attackers were destroyed by this large and fast attack.

When Christian Army troops and remnants of barbarians seen destructive support of Sassanide army, they start running or surrendering to republican forces. 15 May 395 morning, Arbogastes flee from battle with last 500 elite guard troops and returned to Constantinopole.


Republican Army victory in Alexandria was absolute defeat of Christian Army in their campaign against popular republic. Western parts of Empires collapsed to chaos and civil war between imperial generals. Eastern parts remain under totalitarian control of supreme ruler Arbogastest, however he lost whole Balkan and large parts of eastern Anatolia.

But Arbogastes had last word in this battle. His Asian elite assassin, Thin-Wei, infiltrated to Alexandria and to dictator Aveciana house, where he mortally stubbed Aveciana wife Cecilia and even tried to kill their babygirl Hypatia (named by captured and murdered Alexandrian scientist and philosopher and close friend of dictator Aveciana, Hypatie of Alexandria). Fortunately, Ginemius went to dictator house to informe Cecilia about victory and announce her that her husband will remain in Commanding Outpost during day and night. He found assassin trying to kill Hypatia and attacked assassin with iron rod. Assassin was beat and fall to coma. Later, during torture by RIS, he revealed he was sent by Arbogastes, not to kill Aveciana, but to kill his beloved family, as revenge for defeat of Christian Army. After this, Aveciana sworn bloody revenge against Arbogastes.

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