Battle of Aineia

340 BCE


340 BCE


Several miles south of Aineia, Macedonia


Tactical Athenian Victory

Strategic Macedonian Victory



Kingdom of Macedon



King Amyntas




Casualties and Losses

Unknown: Heavy

Unknown: Moderate

The Battle of Aineia was the first major battle of the Macedonian War. The battle was a result of a opening Athenian offensive to penetrate a Macedonian line of defense that was protected by a series of mountains and fortifications. The battle was a stalemate, with battle motions favorable to the Athenians, but resulting in a overall Macedonian victory.


The battle was a result of an opening Athenian offensive to take Macedonia, eventually cultivating in an engagement in the east of the pensiular. Amyntas, the Macedonian King, forced Helmetrus and his forces into a small field of battle, entrapped between a small mountain range and the Aegean sea. In this field, numerical quantity made no difference and so Amyntas's mercanary veteran troops proved superior. After hours of devastating fighting, the Athenian Line broke through on the shore side, forcing the Macedonians to retreat the field of battle. Helmetrus pursued, but was harrased by missile cavalry and skirmishing units and became unable to pursue. Helmetrus quickly realized that he had been tactically outmaneuvered, now equal in quantity against Amyntas's forces. In reaction, Helmetrus pulled away from his initial offensive.

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