Battle for Neumayer
DateJanuary 3 - January 7 1980
Result Major New Swabian victory
Flag of Maudland (Great White South) Maudland Flag of New Swabia New Swabia
Flag of Argentina Argentina
Flag of Maudland (Great White South) Major General Erlend Bekkestad Flag of New Swabia Lieutenant General Heinrich Trelk
Flag of Argentina Rear Admiral Carlos Busser
397 Ski Troops
9876 Infantry
23 Snow Trac's
123 Aerosled's
three Destroyers
four Corvettes
one Squadron of F4 Phantoms
26,000 Infantrymen
54 Panzer V tanks
one Cruiser
one Carrier
two Destroyers
one Squadron of Mirage F1's
one Squadron of A4 Skyhawks
Casualties and losses
3678 killed, 1876 wounded or POW 1692 killed, 369 wounded or POW

The Battle for Neumayer was the last battle of the 1st Maudlandic offensive of the New Swabian War. The Maudlandic's had launched a major offensive at the beginning of the war and had previously captured the major New Swabian city of Toll. However Argentina decided to lend its support to their Antarctic ally and dispatched forces to intervene and save the New Swabian capital.


The Maudlandics had captured the city of Toll in a major battle in December 1979 but General Kunz had made them pay a heavy price for their victory. Most of Maudland armoured forces had been annihilated along with two thousand Maudlandic soldiers dead or wounded.

In fact, the attack had been such a disaster that its commander Major General Tomas Lykke was expelled from the Maudlandic Army for incompetence and his second in command promoted to replace him. However Norwegian high command ordered the newly promoted Major General Erlend Bekkestad to continue his advance on the New Swabian capital of Neumayer regardless of his heavy loss's. The New Swabians on the other hand had been preparing for the siege for weeks and had set up extensive ambush points and mines. In addition to this while the Maudlandic Army had nothing heavier than a few Aerosled units from WW2 the New Swabians had their heavily modified Panzer V "Panther" tanks to aid their infantry.

Erlend Bekkestad's only chance of success lay in the fact that New Swabia had no navy or Air Force to speak of and he hoped that his long range support might give him the edge needed to defeat the New Swabians.

The Battle

The Maudlandic Army made its first approach to the city in the morning of the 3rd of November. Backed up by artillery fire from offshore and with air support provided by the squadrons operating out of Toll. Although they met some light resistance in the suburbs from entrenched New Swabian forces they continued relatively unchallenged towards the city center setting up a defensive line when night fell.

The night of the 3rd was relatively calm with the only action being between a few teams of Maudlandic and New Swabian scouts, However as the sun rose the New Swabians launched a counter-attack using ten of there Panzer V tanks backed up by infantry. This succeeded in making a break in the Maudlandic lines but could not take advantage of this because of Maudlandic air support.

This meant that when the Maudlandics attacked again on the 5th the New Swabians could do little to stop them and Maudlandic forces would have succeeded in pushing all the way to parliament building were it not for Panzer tanks that were entrenched into strategic positions that helped to stop the Maudlandic assault in its tracks. However the Maudlandic Air Force helped to destroy some of these tanks and continue the assault.

The help of the Maudlandic Air Force and Navy allowed the Maudlandics to relaunched their attack. However, Trelk was relieved by the arrival of the Argentine Air Force and Navy, With much larger numbers and slightly superior equipment the Argentines were able to engage the Maudlandic Air Force and prevent it supplying air support for the troops on the ground.

This meant that when Trelk regrouped his Panzer forces he was able to attack without his tanks being destroyed by the Maudlandic air force. With his own air support and with the support of the Panzers he was able to counter attack and drive them out of the city.


The defeat of the Maudlandic offensive provided Trelk with the opportunity he needed to launch a counter attack. Capitalising on the successes in Neumayer he went on the offensive and although he later defected Trelk's victory provided the basis for the later New Swabian assault on Maudland itself.

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