Crimson M. Assassin proudly presents Battle for Earth: TNT

It is a desperate time in the world. The world economies are suffering from a massive financial collapse. The nations of Europe are rebuilding as Nazi Germany spreads its wings, an action that will lead to another World War and the death of millions of people. As the situation looks grim everywhere, the truth is far more grizzlier than anyone can hope to realize.

At the edge of the Solar System, a fleet of starships is amassing. The violent, warlike race inhabiting the third planet from this yellow main-sequence star must be prevented from joining the galactic community. The humans don't deserve the mineral-rich planet and must be kept from destroying it. As the invasion dawns on the planet, other races see redeeming features in the Earthlings. As an ancient race returns from the fringes of dark space with unknown intentions, how long can the relative peace the galaxy has enjoyed last? Will Earth become the spark that sets off the next Galactic War? Or will the planet simply be a pawn in a much larger game? Whatever the case is, it will be a battle for Earth!

Map of the Galaxy

BFE-TNT starter map

Go ahead and post where your empire is. Try to give Earth (labeled by the yellow Greek symbol) some breathing room. CrimsonAssassin (talk) 17:09, February 2, 2013 (UTC)

Can someone edit for me on the map? I don't think I have software that can draw. I have it kinda close to Earth, but not very close to the mechs and the Regenetech empires???poketwo

That OK for Centria? If it's too big, please, please, please, don't downsize me. I'll fix it.          Flag of Komeiji (Luna Earth II)   "Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes."  14:14, February 3, 2013 (UTC)

Why do we have three super-massive empires taking up most of the galaxy? Flag of the Hurian Federation Vivaporius: "I don't need a slogan" 23:21, February 5, 2013 (UTC)

The Ori Empire is way too big too. Regentech is a bit big, too. If possible, please downsize. CrimsonAssassin (talk) 02:25, February 6, 2013 (UTC)

Dude, I made the Regenetech Empire nearly 30% smaller than the one in BFE, BFER, and BFERR.

Ori is out of whack, though. Just saying. Centria is OK.

            Regen Flag   "Fear the power of the Dark Side of the Force."  04:32, February 8, 2013 (UTC)

Well, yeah. But I think also we should give some room for Lx. Most of it out of the Ori, but the Regentech is also a bit big considering how many races we have.

Which are the three? (Viva)

        Flag of Komeiji (Luna Earth II)   "Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes."  00:03, February 9, 2013 (UTC)

Rules Guide to the Galaxy

  1. You do not talk about BFE: TNT
  3. Yes, this is an ASB game. That does not mean you can be implausible. Remember, space is big. Galactic Wars might last longer than planetary wars.
  4. Be civil. Oh for the love of Cthulhu, be civil.
  5. Speaking of Cthulhu, no god races, immortal beings, or transcendent aliens.
  6. You can be an alien nation and a human nation.
  7. Feel free to go all out on your alien races. Each alien race has three perks and two weaknesses that can be common or unique. The possibilities are nearly limitless.
  8. Strive for originality! You cannot be a race that already exists in sci fi works unless it is genericized (grey aliens being a prime example. Speaking of prime, Transformers is not an example. You may not be a Transformer)
  9. Let's keep planetary destruction to a minimum. I'd prefer for the Solar System to have at least eight planets by the time the game ends. That being said, feel free to destroy other bodies (asteroids, comets, maybe minor planets if asked first). Remember: asteroids make great weapons.
  10. No Uranus jokes.
  11. I'd prefer if nation ages were kept under one million years. I will add exceptions if plausibly presented.
  12. No extragalactic races or intergalactic travel. The Magellanic Clouds are iffy. Ask first if you want to do that.
  13. Don't uplift humans too quickly and don't destroy them too quickly.
  14. We'll be using a modified algorithm for battles. Space battles have yet to receive an algorithm. Until then, present some decent writing and write your opponent out of the skies! (No BS)
  15. The center of the galaxy is a black hole and a cluster of dying stars and other black holes. Your home world should be nowhere near there. Also, this distorts light. No spying on people on the other side of the galaxy.
  16. For artifacts that crashed on Earth, ask me for permission. Earth shouldn't be too special.
  17. Black holes are not wormholes. If you go near black holes, you will die. And that would suck. Oh, Crimson!
  18. When in doubt, ask a mod. Nothing bad can come of that.
  19. Without a hyperdrive engine, it will take one turn to travel 100 light years. Advances can be made, but if you don't choose a hyperdrive engine, you must dedicate at least one turn to troop movement. With a hyperdrive engine, this is negated.
  20. Don't panic


Mods are here to help you. If a mod approaches you, assume a kneeling position and place both hands on the back of your head. They are to keep the game fair, plausible, and running smoothly. They can control two human or two alien nations, but one may not be used to bolster one nation. They also get cool titles. To be a mod, you must:

  • Have a history of fairness and unbiasedness (totally winged it with that word)
  • Be a plausible contributor that has been with us for a while.
  • Preferably played a BFE game in the past.

Mod Positions

Human Nations


21:47, February 2, 2013 (UTC)

  • Canada: Stewdio333 (talk) 21:05, January 31, 2013 (UTC)
  • Australia:
  • Norway


  • Nazi Germany:Wegscuba (talk) 21:58, January 30, 2013 (UTC)
  • Japan:  
  • Romania: Daxus Inferno (talk) 03:01, January 31, 2013 (UTC)
  • Italy:
  • Bulgaria:
  • Hungary:


Add whatever nation you want that existed in 1937.

Map of Earth


Alien Nations

To create your race, please choose three strengths and two weaknesses. One strength, you make up can be unique and limited to your race.


Please choose two from below and create one of your own.

  • Rapid Reproduction
  • Hyperdrive Engine
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Death Ray
  • Death Ray Shielding
  • Racial Confederacy


Please choose two from below.

  • Weak Genetic Diversity
  • No Home world
  • Divided Planet
  • Low-Gravity Home world
  • Weak Immune System
  • Overly Hostile
  • Complex Government
  • Home world in the middle of nowhere
  • High-Gravity Home world
  • Overpopulated
  • Tiny empire

Alien Nations

  • Mech Network (CrimsonAssassin (talk) 17:18, January 30, 2013 (UTC)): Created 65 million years ago as a labor force by an ancient, enigmatic race known only as 'Phantoms', the Mechs gained sentience and revolted. The ensuing war resulted in the destruction of the once-great Phantom and galaxy-wide destruction. The last battle with the Phantoms occurred over a massive terraforming tool known as The Forge over Earth. The Forge was lost and crashed to Earth, triggering mass extinctions. The Mechs, rather than taking over the Phantom Empire, traveled to the far reaches of the galaxy to create their own 'nation'. Fading into legend, the Mechs haven't contacted any organics since then, its military force offline but ever-growing. When a beacon from a fragment of the lost Forge is activated on Earth, the Mechs have returned to known space.
    • Strengths: (Rapid Reproduction) (Mech Virus) (Hyper drive)
    • Weaknesses: (Overly Hostile) (Home world in Deep Space)
  • Phantoms CrimsonAssassin (talk) 17:18, January 30, 2013 (UTC): The Phantoms once owned an empire that controlled the entire galaxy. They uplifted many races and built legendary constructs. To manage their empire and construct the Terra Forge, the Mechs were created. When the Mechs revolted, the massive war led to the destruction of many planets and the downfall of the Phantom Empire. The Phantoms retreated to a refuge near the center of the galaxy. The last Phantoms died in the war as the Mechs were unable to find the last Phantom hideout. The Phantom numbers have recovered since then. Evolving a hard outer shield to protect themselves from the radiation of the center of the galaxy, the Phantoms are on the cusp of being able to leave their planetary prison now that reports of the Mechs have stopped.
    • Strengths: (Rapid Reproduction) (Phantom Industry) (Hyperdrive)
    • Weaknesses: (Overpopulation) (Tiny Empire)
  • Sith Empire: The Sith were created ten million years ago. The Sith had established a large intergalactic empire but when a war with an alien empire called the Voss Empire commenced, the Sith Empire was destroyed and drove them to an unknown part of the Galaxy. Yet now the Sith Empire returns to battle and crush the Voss once more and take control of the galaxy.
    • Strengths: (Death Ray) (Well trained military an special forces) (Hyperdrive)
    • Weaknesses: (Overly Hostile) (Tiny Empire)
  • While I appreciate the Star Wars references, you are drawing from an already existing source and the oldest your race can be is one million years, with exceptions.
  • Ie'o CourageousLife (talk): The Ie'o originate from the mountainous planet Iero. This avian species stand roughly 2.5 meters tall, has feathers varying in color, and talon-like feet. Their hands have four nimble, dexterous fingers sprouting from the shoulder joint of their arms, similar to bats. They sport a long tail with a feathered end, for balance and agility in flight. The Ie'o began as small tribes that eventually grew into large city-states that controlled large tracts of land. The Ie'o colonized their two moons, and eventually colonized several systems. Now, with a growing population, they need more land for growth of food and resources.
    • Strengths: (Hyperdrive Engine) (Telepathy) (Pressure Tolerance)
    • Weaknesses: (Overpopulated) (Tiny Empire)
  • Ori 1 Imp (Say Hi?!) 20:52, January 30, 2013 (UTC): The Ori originate from the flatlands and deltas of the planet Oricent. A humanoid species evolving on land, roughly 2.25 metres tall, they are master construction workers. Having been around for a very long time, they have fought many wars and destroyed many empires to stay powerful and keep its citizens safe. When they colonised planets in their own system, they found their skill for construction translated into them becoming master Terraformers. Using their skills and progress, the Ori are one of the largest and most powerful Empires in the galaxy. Very few empires remain which can challenge its might, yet its society is fair and just - keeping the Empire at balance.
    • Strengths: (Death Ray) (Hyperdrive) (Master Terraformers)
    • Weaknesses: (Complex Government) (Overpopulated)
  • Zali XX (talk) 21:22, January 30, 2013 (UTC): The Zali originate from a planet called Zakiuta. They are a military civilization, leaving the conquered they keep alive as slaves. They are old and have watched many die at their disposal. The organisms look exactly like humans, being distinguished by humans by their unnaturally red eyes And the laying of eggs (Happens every month).
    • Strengths:(Hyperdrive), (Rapid Reproduction) (Fire resistance)
    • Weaknesses:(Complex Government) (overpopulated)
  • Florae Wegscuba (talk) 22:26, January 30, 2013 (UTC) The Florae are a species that are similar to plants on Earth, from the planet Colletis. They have a developed nervous system, and have limited movement. Most of their mobility comes from external mechanical enhancement,. However, they do not necessarily need this. they own a few systems in an isolated part of the galaxy, where they were the only sentient species. Due to this, they didn't come into galactic diplomacy until very recently. Finding Earth, they began an attempt to uplift the dominant species unsuccessfully, leading to their extinction. They found 65 million years later, that the failed program had not shut down correctly, uplifting a different species, with disastrous results.
    • Strengths: (Hyperdrive Engine), (Rapid Reproduction), (Quick Healing)
    • Weaknesses: (Home World in the Middle of Nowhere), (Tiny Empire)
  • The oldest a race can be is one million years, with reasonable exceptions.
  • Regenetech             Regen Flag   "Fear the power of the Dark Side of the Force."  22:47, January 30, 2013 (UTC) We know how this goes...
  • Imperium of Man: Flag of South Korea PitaKang- (But here's my number|So call me maybe) 23:44, January 30, 2013 (UTC) 40,000 years in the future, the Imperium of Man had taken over most of the known galaxy. However, on eve of M42, an unknown event teleported key worlds of the Imperium, such as Terra and Mars 45,000 years back in time. Since then, the Imperium has expanded to take ____ amount of territory. Obsessed with the killing of heretics in the name of the God Emperor of Mankind, the Imperium leapt for joy when they discovered Terra once more in this dimension. However, on seeing that other xenos were aiming for their target, they have prepared for war... (Combo of Imperium of Man from WH40K and Terran Dominion from StarCraft. Also, even though they’re only 40,000 years old their tech is pretty much on par with everyone else).
    • Strengths: (Hyperdrive Engine) (Telepathy (Psionics)) (Hyper tech development)
    • Weaknesses: (Overly Hostile), (High gravity home world)
  • Centri Cyclarchy  The Royal Guns (talk): A race of creatures, led by several 'Hives'- like bees or ants- they are divided into six classes- the Soldiers, Workers, Behemoths (A massive type of soldier, around the size of a house, with spikes down its back), Drones, Queens, and the Sapienti. All are exceedingly intelligent (with the exception of the Behemoth), though the Sapienti are the most so. All have variations, except the Queen - for instance, some Behemoths can fly. They have been around as a species for around five million years, and have colonized much of the Western Outer Galaxy, though not all. They communicate telepathically. They can also change gene combinations (or, at least Queens can) in order to adapt to new needs (for instance, combating an enemy that can fly by giving their Soldiers/Behemoths wings). Finally, their Sapenti discovered one million years ago how to manipulate energy, matter and antimatter, which helped them discover FTL travel, with some extraterrestrial help. However, as it is extremely dangerous, it is never used on a large scale (i e, destroying a planet/star) for fear of ripping open a hole in the fabric of the universe. Still, it gives them an impressive military bonus. Unfortunately, their home is on the very tip of the Galaxy. Also, their government is exceedingly complex. They are ruled by a council of Queens, though all internal and external diplomacy is performed by the Sapienti. They use, as weaponry, in addition to a wide range of lasers, torpedoes, phasers, screens, and shields, Sigma Fields, used to destroy large amounts of matter and antimatter. As a result, they are one of the foremost nations in the galaxy, not the most powerful, but certainly a major contender.
    • Strengths: (Telepathy) (Antimatter, Darkmatter, Matter, Energy Manipulation) (Genetic Adaption)
    • Weaknesses: (Complex Government) (Home world in the Middle of Nowhere)
  • Ĉefpaĝotero: Stewdio333 (talk) 20:59, January 31, 2013 (UTC): Looks almost like Earth 1990/2000's, only with FTL capabilities, rule the obscure planet of Ĉefpaĝotero. The dominant species of Ĉefpaĝotero appears exactly human, only they are super strong, and relatively agile with better balance (though not enough to be a strength), and have multiple hair colours. The big problem with this species, is just like Earth, contains many cultures and languages, which while united under one international republic, has a relatively complex government (similar to India's government). There military is impressive, and consists of male and female soldiers, though a lack of uniform and order notices a more liberal trend of this culture. Weaponry oddly resembles a more high-tech equivilant of Earth's kinetic weaponry, with emphasis on rapid-fire, due to preferring guns for ranged combat. Mechs are also in development. (In offer of expansion of my third power, I'll give myself a third weakness to balance the score)
    • Strengths: (Telepathy) (Hyperdrive Engine) (Super Strength/Combat Skills)
    • Weaknesses: (Complex Government) (Tiny Empire)
    • You're SUPPOSED to have three perks...
    • The third perk stretches the limits a bit, so I gave a third weakness (Super strength is mixed with enhanced speed)
    • No, it doesn't. Look around. Every one else has three perks. It says specifically to take two weaknesses and three perks over the section for those.
    • All right.  Fixed.
  • Gemini Federation: Vivaporius says: "I don't need a slogan!" 21:11, January 31, 2013 (UTC): The Gemini are a species of beings which look exactly like humans, though they possess different racial features. They are the rulers of a large empire known as the Gemini Federation, which is in union with the smaller Solarian Empire which pay homage to it in men and technology. Their technology is very mainstream and functional, and very easy to replicate on lower tech worlds controlled by the Gemini.
    • Strengths: (Hyperdrive Engine) (Telepathy) (Racial Confederacy)
    • Weaknesses: (Complex Government) (Overpopulated)
  • ...Here's to hoping... (CHEERS!)
  • Trade federation: Poketwo says: "All hail Christopia. Also, how do you do the time thing? ": The trade federation is a species that are made up of the Chrisians, on the planet Narkistia. They look like raptors combined with humans. They have two faces with two mouths - but with one brain. They are the oldest nation on the planet - one of the three former superpowers that used to exist. The others were two superpowers that are exactly like the old two superpowers during the OTL cold war in government. Then they collapsed - which the federation conquered the world when that happened - also the space colonies which were only in the solar system they are in. Now they are an emerging space power. Only coming in from a decade ago, however, they are starting to be a force to be reckoned with. They also center around trading as it's a major form of commerce. However, if you break a trade agreement, they might just invade and annex your nation. The weapons are modern day weapons - except the death ray!!! It is used by heavy soldiers and space ships. They think it is the best one yet.
  • Strengths: (Hyperdrive Engine) (Death Ray) (Chris capitalist, also known as masters at trading, and research and development)
  • Weaknesses: (Complex Government) (Tiny Empire)
  • Instead of writing the time and code, just put four of these: ~
  •             Regen Flag   "Fear the power of the Dark Side of the Force."  00:31, February 2, 2013 (UTC)
  • Technocracy of Kalevala: The Technocracy was begun by the sentient race of machines that awoke on their home planet of Kalevala after being "planted by the gods" or most likely abandoned by their creators. The Kalevala first awoke around 4,000 BC with only 7,981 units in the system. They began mining the planet for materials and smelting it and building factories to create more units. Eventually by 2,000 BC they had well over three billion units in the system and they realised they needed to expand off the planet or they would lose it. They began their space age into their system looking for resources to make more units and they eventually began to expand outside their solar system by around 1000 BC and they continued to expand in their search for raw materials. The Kalevala in 600 BC lost the SSV Kal'i in the Sol System and it landed on Earth around Finland giving rise to the Kalevala myths and poetry. They eventually left when they repaired their ship. The Kalevala common unit (the sentient ones) looks like T-800 terminators. The Kalevala are actually 100% sentient and actually have wants and desires like organics though modified to fit synthetics. All Kalevala can communicate FTL over the Kalevala Network and can use their signal readers to "read" the mind of organics and sometimes even speak to them telepathically.
  • Strengths: (Death Ray Shielding)(Hyperdrive)(Kalevala Networking)
  • Weaknesses: (Homeworld in the Middle of No Where)(High-Gravity Homeworld)
  • Imperial Confederacy of the Azarath: The usual...-Lx (leave me a message) 14:57, February 8, 2013 (UTC)
  • Thaleon Imperium: The Thaleon are an ancient, honor-bound race (think Halo's Elites). Resemble StarCraft's Protoss in both physical appearance and the appearance of their vessels and weapons. Deeply religious, they were pushed offtheir home planet thousands of years ago. The survivors have roamed the galaxy ever since, unnoticed. They intercepted Imperium comms relating to Earth, at which point Executor Pallan made the decision to FTL-jump the entire remnant fleet to Earth-but not to fight humanity. According to their religion, humans are the descendants of their gods, the Progenitors. Therefore, they are on a collision course with the rest of the universe (except humanity). They possess highly advanced technology.
  • Strengths: (telepathy) (Psionic abilities such as mind control that don't really fall under the category of telekinesis). (Hyperdrive engine).
  • Weaknesses: (tiny empire) (no homeworld).


  • Gemini Federation: The Gemini Federation sends an expeditionary fleet out to search for the world named Earth after widespread popularity of the planet in the rest of the galaxy reaches the homeworlds. Seeking to find out more, the Gemini and Solarian leaders agree to seek out this Earth, and learn of the reason it is so important.
  • Trade Federation: The federation hears some rumors about a planet named Earth. They dismiss them as lies. They also start researching plasma rifles.
  • ...You realize that you can already exist, to a certain point, yes?
  • Florae: The Florae continue their studies on the recent discovery of the sentient species on Earth. To their dismay, their scientists are close to figuring out the secrets of the atomic bomb, a weapon destructive even to spacefaring races. Since Earth is a warlike and aggressive planet, they fear that if nuclear energy is harnessed, they may gain knowledge of space travel. With their current rate of technological advancement, they could gain such knowledge by 2025. They send an ultimatum to other sentinent races close by, saying "Humans must not gain knowledge of advanced technology at all costs." They post five ships to the system alongside the research vessels already there in case action must be taken against the human race.
  • Nazi Germany: Germany sends more Luftwaffe squadrons to help out the nationalist cause in the Spanish civil war. More laws are passed that discriminate against Jews. 
  • Cuba: The Cuban Government approves the construction of a railroad track from Santiago to Havana, which will run pratically parallel to the Central Highway. The Cuban Government approves the modernization of the Cuban military by asking Germany for Panzer tanks and Stuka Dive Bombers, while it also asks the United States for P-40 Warhawks, M4 Sherman tanks, and a single decommissioned vessel.
  • You take from Germany, you don't take from America.
  • Romania: Begins funding Spanish rebels. Germany is asked if they will help Romania modernize, and the military is expanded greatly, and modernization continues. An invasion of Hungary is prepared for.
  • Finland: Begins arming its troops against a possible Soviet threat and secretly asks the Germans, British and Americans (all not knowing the other was asked) to help them if the Soviets attacked.
  • Kalevala: The Kalevala receive the Florae's response and after a short deliberation over the Kalevala Network (91.3 seconds) they agree that the Sol System would be a prime target for mining and that they could expand their reach tremendously with the slave labour of the human race.The Kalevala puts down an insurrectionist copper mine on Ra'hi after the labourers agreed that the copper should be used to build buildings instead of new units and refused to work anymore. All units were disabled and taken apart for use in other units, though their thought processor was thrown into the system's star.
    • Florae D: The Florae would like to split the resources of the Sol System with the Kavela, including Earth, which has tons of resources. They send a Secret message saying that Perhaps, if the humans get too advanced, we could take Earth, and use them for slave labor before they gain knowledge of space travel. 
    • Kalevala D: We agree, but why not take them now when they're weak and use them all for slave labour, we to build more units, you to do whatever you want?
  • Kalevala? KA-LE-VA-LA???
  • It's pronounced (Kale'Vala)
  • Haiti: The Haitian government initiates a number of economic reforms driven toward the expansion of the service and industrial sectors of the economy, and the modernization of the struggling agricultural sector. The beginning of anti-corruption trials begin in Port-au-Prince. Finally, widescale education programs are launched to bring learning to the poorest regions of the country. Appeals to the United States and Cuba are made in the hopes of fast-tracking these reforms.
  • Spain: The civil war continues with the nationalists having a clear advantage, thanks to the German help.
  • France: The French government mobilizes the army, posting troops on the southern border with Spain and the eastern borders with Italy and Germany. Alliances are reaffirmed with the United Kingdom, Russia and the United States. Troops are sent out to French Indochina because of the growing Japanese threat in the region.
  • Ie'o: While passing by the system, some Ie'o telepaths sense a small disturbance in the mental field. Upon further investigation, it seems that this is due to a war being waged in the Sol System, on a small terrestrial planet. For reconnaissance some mental scouts position themselves on the fringe of the system and use brainwave-amplifying technology to establish empathy links with several of the species. These empathy links only work one way, transmitting thoughts and emotions to the Ie'o linked to the individual, while the individual remains completely oblivious. The scouts are ordered to report on the new species.
  • Zali: Hears about a planet named Earth and send ships into the atmosphere searching for it. Development begins on a Device that can EMP a small area about the size of Easter Island. Development also begins on an explosive bullet that can be loaded into any pistol-sized weapon, along with a rifle sized explosive bullet.
    • Human EMPs can already take out all of North America.
  • Mexico: The president declares himself Dictator for life. He ponders an invasion of Guatemala. Military is expanded. Germany and Spain are asked for an alliance.
  • Mechs: Upon discovering a Phantom signal on Earth, the Mechs activate several seeker ships to find this signal. The seekers leave hyperspace to discover a growing fleet near the system. The seekers hide their heat signatures and go on silent to see what is going on.
  • Phantoms: The Phantoms call for recolonization. Work on the first colony ship in millions of years begins.
  • Imperium of Man: The Ordo Explorare, after thousands of years of work discovers Holy Terra. The High Lords immediately order a scouting expedition to be sent. The scouting expedition consists of about 30 Imperial Marines from the Crimson Sons Legion. Legion Master Decimus is also sent. Decimus has a great reputation among the Imperium as a ruthless Legion Master that will get things done.
  • President Roosevelt is weary of Mexico's recent events, and the people of the United States turn to a more pacifist view on things. Thing thing thing thing.
  • The Regenetech Empire (ReEm from now on, pronounced Rem) Special Intelligence Force detects massive galactic interest on Sol 3. From our special bases on Sol 4, and in the Bermuda Triangle, and from above the skies, we prepare for interventionist activity on the planet.'
    • I'm fairly certain Bermuda Triangle is a no go.
    • Because...
    • You're saying that there's a Bermuda triangle on Mars? And you have a pre-existing base on Mars and didn't notice Earth?
    • Oops, that was supposed to be Sol 4 and the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Centria is alerted of the existence of a new race by the 115,000th Scouts. Immediately, after reports of the beings living on Motrev 3- which they call 'Earth'- the 516th, 8,233rd, 9,040th, and 616th Battle Groups are mobilized, as are the 54th, 45,005th, 870,050th, 431st, 8,406th, and 823,613rd Armadas (the difference being that Battle groups are actually entire Hives, geared towards war, while armadas are just the military personnel of Hives. For obvious reasons, there are many more Armadas than Battle Groups). Immediately, a base is established on Saturn, after Uranus is probed and found unsatisfactory. Of the four Battle Groups, one is stationed on Titan, the rest orbiting Saturn itself. The Armadas are spread throughout the Solar system.


  • Imperium of Man: Scouts came report back and confirm the existence of Holy Terra. However, no scouting info was done on the nations of Holy Terra except to identify the major powers and to locate their capital cities. An expedition is prepared to be sent to Holy Terra.
  • Spain: The civil war continues with massive casualties on both sides but the nationalists seize Madrid and quickly begin to move in all directions.
  • The US continues to grow isolationist, but secretly on the side, the military is being built up, although with no new enscripts/conscripts. OTL stuff happens.
    • France wishes to purchase military equipment from the US, such as vehicles and weapons.
  • The GOD ALMIGHTY EMPIRE (aka Regenetech Empire) sends a small fleet to Sol.3/1 (the Moon) just in case..stuff happens, and Vlasvar V dies after 166 years on the throne.
  • Trade federation: They send three small mining fleets at different locations in the system Earth is after hearing about their rival's attempt to get there, but they have not arrived yet. Work continues on the plasma rifles.
  • Zali: Ships land on the planet Venus, they see Earth, and watch from Venus their enemies move, as a colony begins to set up there. Having made only a few EMP bombs, they drop one onto Earth experimentally. It lands on Uruguay, knocking out power in some of the country. The explosive bullets continue to be made, and a shotgun that can shoot many of them in all directions is researched.
    • Whoa, whoa, whoa, why in the world would you drop an experimental bomb on Earth?
  • Mexico: Military is improved. A new tank is designed.
  • Centria mobilizes further forces to Mostrev. A Fusion Torch is employed on Mostrev 6's (AKA Saturn) asteroid belt, clearing much of it. The fragments are then routed into Mostrev 6 itself, the resulting Gravitational pulse producing a massive single wave of energy that is blasted into Mostrev 5 (AKA Jupiter), destabilizing its orbit. The 1st Engineers arrive on Mostrev 5.4 (AKA Europa) and, using the Gravitational pulse, pull part of it out of orbit, pushing it back towards Mostrev 6.1 (AKA Titan). That is then shattered and superheated via hydrogen fusion. The resulting steam is captured and compressed into a tiny chamber around the size of small spaceship. It is put into orbit around Mostrev 3, a weapon to be deployed at any time, once orders come through.
    • You made a bomb out of Jupiter?
    • You think no one would notice? You should use something less noticeable.
    • NO! Dear god! I vaporized PART of Europa, the dark side. No one noticed it. Worry ye not, and please uncross this. Don't worry, this is going to develop into something...
    • Seriously, please uncross this. I have interesting events developing.
  • USSR: Military buildup continues. Research of nuclear physics begins as does research of missiles. Italy, Japan and Germany are offered non-aggression pacts and alliances. Japan's offered a deal to split China, with Japan getting the eastern half and the USSR getting the west. Germany's deal is to split Poland and the Baltics. Germany gets Sweden and Norway and the west half of Poland with the Baltic states going to the USSR as well as east Poland.
    • Dean, you're too friendly with these people. The OTL plan for the division of Poland was a stretch for the two.
    • German Diplomacy: The Germans agree and send Joseph Stalin a free copy of the bestselling "how to murder your enemies" by Adolf Hitler.
    • No book with "murder" in it would be bought. Also, it takes over four months to write a book, and since this book did not exist OTL, so it does not exist ATL.
    • I was kidding.
    • Really. Seriously. You guys thought that was serious.
  • Romania: The newly increased military begins the invasion of Hungary and manages to take over and annex the country. Modernization continues, Russia is asked for a non-aggression pact.
  • Nazi Germany: All that OTL stuff with Austria, Czechoslovakia and the Jews, and stuff happens
  • Florae: A probe discovers that Earth and other planets in the Sol system are rich in phosphorous, a mineral necessary to Florae life, as well as other important minerals. Mining vessels are immediately dispatched to the system. The Florae begin abducting humans to learn more about Earth. 
  • France increases the military presence in French Indochina, as well as along its borders. The US is called on for military support.
  • The Ie'o commence a conference with their allies, the REM and the Ori, to discuss policies and scenarios for the new planet. The telepaths continue mind-tapping humans from the edge of the solar system.
  • Canada: Many Canadians see a war in Europe incoming, though continue to state support to Great Britain, including offering the Royal Air Force to train in Canada.
  • Ĉefpaĝotero: Reports indicate that 'Ĉefpaĝoterran spies have indicated that a planet similar to Ĉefpaĝotero has been discovered, but rumours indicate that this planet appears to have a culture resembling theirs half-a-century-ago, including a civil war going on in one of the planet's subdivisions. The technology is rumoured to be even further low-tech, though are believed to have powerful kinetic weapons tougher than those of the Ĉefpaĝoteraj Armitaj Fortoj (Ĉefpaĝoterran Armed Forces). Further spycrafts are sent out to check out this Ĉefpaĝotero-like world.
  • Gemini Federation: The Gemini expeditionary fleet discovers Earth, but receives orders not to reveal themselves to the human population. Until then, reinforcements are dispatched to the system to prepare for first contact and establish a colony on Pluto, far from any known forces already in the system.
  • Haiti: The Haitian government continues to aggressively pursue diversification of the economy, combat corruption, and expansion of education throughout the nation. The military is downsized with aims to modernize it, and build a core of professional soldiers that can train a larger force in the future. Large parts of Port-au-Prince are destroyed in the government's efforts to rebuild the city using modern building methods that can allow the city to house and feed the large population adequately.
  • Britain continue rearmament of their armed forces. The navy receives a new battleship and small-scale mobilization in the colonies begin. The British also encourage emigration to Australia so the country has a larger population.


  • Imperium of Man: The Imperium begins to prepare for the Third Great Crusade against the Xenos that are preparing to take Holy Terra.
  • Nazi Germany: OTL stuff keeps on keepin' on.
    • The Nazis actually weren't planning to kill the Jews. They were actually planning to send them to Madagascar.[http:// ]
    • And they are currently planning to send them to Madagascar, at least, for the moment. 
    • How can we convince you to allow them to get there? The USSR will take them off your hands and save you a lot of travel money. We will pay for their travel as well. We would take them from Germany straight to the USSR
    • No. That is implausible.
  • Florae: The Florae have a substantial mining fleet in the Sol System, but do not attempt any major operation on Earth at the moment. Many believe that the humans will destroy themselves in the next war they have. So it will be easier to take the planet then. Most of the mining takes place on Mars for the iron abundant on the planet.
  • Romania: Troops are set at the Romanian-Bulgarian border, and people begin reporting a strange feeling in the back of their heads doctors cannot explain. Romania advertises itself as a haven for refugees from Nazi Germany. Amateur astronomy becomes a more common hobby.
  • Spain: The civil war continues with heavy side on both sides.
  • Canada: Continues developing the military in the case of inevitable conflict in Europe.
  • Ĉefpaĝotero: Sends further spycrafts which lead to reports of UFO's spotted near Edmonton. However, the spycraft quickly absconds to a secret base being established in the asteroid belt near Mars.
  • Zali: The best explosive bullets are made, and can be fired from an SMG.
  • Mexico: Military is improved, and economy is also.
  • Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: Stalin is shot by a disgruntled farmer who had his wife killed by Stalin's Secret Police, and Leon Trotsky takes power after an article is published stating that Lenin had wanted Trotsky as his successor is circulated, which is entirely true. Trotsky passes several reforms lessening punishments and allows some people banished to Siberia to return, and most of Stalin's staff is either executed or exiled. Trotsky asks for recognition by the major nations of Europe and America. Military is built up and Soviet troops assure the Swedes and Germans that their deals are still valid. Trotsky continues nuclear physics research.
  • Mechs: The Mech scout ships scan the various terrestrial planets of the ∑∂6098 system (Sol system) and the large moons before coming to various conclusions.
    1. The Forge has fallen on the third planet from ∑∂6098.3.
    2. The Forge was heavily damaged on impact and has deteriorated further since the war
    3. ∑∂6098.3 is a T3 planet
    4. There is an organic infection on ∑∂6098.3 that will impede retrieval of The Forge.
    5. Mass elimination of said organic infection may be needed if organics prove to be problematic.
  • Several recovery ships are sent to ∑∂6098.3. The scout ships continue to survey the ∑∂6098 system for valuable materials.
  • Azaranian Ships start up their engines, as it seems that Azaranian Spies are reporting mobilizing of fleets near their xeno-evolutionary research stations in the Gelion System (Gelion-Helion-Helios---Sol evolution of name on Earth...), on planet Gelion-4 and even Gelion-3 and Gelion-3.1. That region was abandoned by the Azaranians over 3000 years prior, but not after they left their mark...The Gelion-4 relay is ordered to be powered up for a science team to prep the Gelion-4 PEE-FTL (Pure-Energy-Enhanced Faster-Than-Light) Interstellar transit Relay for further use (possibly to Jump a fleet...although it has only about enough power to send one vessel) and to send a stealth scout vessel to search for activity. They will not be able to mask the FTL transit flash, but hopefully all others will ignore it in their systems. The transit to Gelion-4 goes as planned, and the stealth vessel takes its readings, and waits for the science team to make the Gelion-4 Relay fit for duty...and possibly re-establish their PEOD (Pure Energy Orbital Defences) on the moons Gelion-4.1 and Gelion-4.2...the purpose they were created for...It is interesting what the Humans of "Earth" have been up to for three millennia...
  • USA does OTL stuff.
  • The R-E/M does stuff. We hope no one touches Sol 3.
  • Spain: The republicans suffer a heavy defeat, quickly begin to lose ground, and Franco promises that the war will be over soon.
  • Centria informs the Regen that they can suck it, and proceeds to nuke Earth... Just kidding. The Hydro-weapon made last turn, which is plausible (I took only part of the dark side of Europa), is prepared for a strike on any target on Earth. The entire 71st Corps - consisting of 15 armies, 23 Armadas, 13 Battle Groups, and three Scout Divisions - arrives on Titan. Meanwhile, a Centri Battlecruiser is fired on by an unknown enemy in the Oort cloud. The shields absorb the attack with no difficulty, but the enemy is able to escape, though damaged. All Centri units are put on high alert following this event. On Corufrey (That's not an amalgamation of Coruscant and Gallifrey... of course not...) the 200,000 Sapienti are assigned to the task of reviewing the information of the events on Mostrev. They calculate (working in tandem, telepathically immersed in the collective mind) that the best chance of preventing violence on Earth will be the destruction of a major city on Mostrev, of one of the belligerents. After analysis, the Sapienti report that the best attacks would be a combined strike on Berlin, Los Angeles, Colchester, and Leningrad. If necessary, additional strikes on Rome and Tokyo may be needed. However, due to the various other races, it is decided not to strike unless either of the other races agree or war is imminent. Until then, all races (not counting the Imperium of Man, who have emerged out of some space time wormhole and whom the Centrians aren't aware of yet) are invited to a Conference on Titan.
    • Florae D: We'll be at the conference.
    • Never mind. We'll just blow up the afore mentioned cities.
  • Haiti: The government continues its programs, and the development of the military continues with the purchase of arms, and the expansion of the economy through the aggressive modernization of the agriculturally-based economy. The expansion of the small service industry begins with the building of new office buildings in the newly formed downtown Port-au-Prince. The plan to extend economic opportunities to the rural areas of Haiti as well as the other major cities is slated to begin by 1940.
  • Gemini Federation: The construction on the Plutonian colony continues with the addition of a number of spaceports to aid in the supply and repair of Gemini warships moving between Gemini space and the solar system. Gemini politicians debate over the planned construction of a long-range gun that could do much to extend the hitting power of Gemini forces in the system, all without having to put a single pair of boots on the ground. The economics and reasoning behind the plan are considered flawed, but some in the government are truly considering going ahead with the project.
  • France continues OTL events and procedures.
  • The Ie'o continue to hang at the fringe of the galaxy, monitoring human thoughts. Several fleets are called out, lest other species lust for the green and blue world.


  • Centria launches attacks on various military units on Mostrev 3, as they mobilize into war. The attacks on the actual cities are decided against, but Centrian long range weaponry, as well as weaponry from ships in orbit around the moon devastate the military machines of Germany, the UK, the US, and Japan. In addition, the Italian and French armies are greatly damaged. The damage is mainly done by use of pulse rounds, plasma bolts, Dok-tak missiles, phasers, railguns, antimatter missiles, and particle beams. The Pulse rounds and plasma bolts - both of the heaviest caliber - cause huge explosions on contact of up to 500 yards. The Dok-tak missiles, the special favorite of the Cyclarchy (Republic sounds bad) Space Forces, create magnetic resonance fields that literally blast atoms apart - ANY atoms - and use the resulting energy as a deadly explosion. Phasers, meanwhile, super-heat the air, causing any moisture to go supercritical. Effectively, anything it touches becomes plasma. railguns use kinetic energy to devastate smaller targets. Antimatter missiles use antimatter to destroy fields of between 100 yards and two miles. Finally, particle beams do much the same thing as phasers but on a smaller scale. Altogether, these absolutely paralyze the Human militaries and ensure war will not occur.
  • I have to remind you people exactly how many times? We're waiting for World War II...
  • NOBODY has informed me of that. And this is a pre-emptive strike. Pre-emptive. Before the war. In order to prevent it. Fine, though. I'll wait 'til the war.
  • Also, you seem terroristly terrorist. You should try to be a more reasonable terrorist.
  • I'm not a terrorist. I'm preventing war by destroying military forces. War's over in a single day, because all the soldiers are dead. Civvies are fine. It's terrorism if you're trying to cause terror- which we're not.
  • Spain: The republicans continue to lose ground to Franco's forces.
  • Nazi Germany: Over 75% of the military of the Third Reich is destroyed by an unknown event. Hitler is outraged, and blames it on the Jews living in Germany. Jews begin to be sent to concentration camps, and the civilians (unsure of anything) join in. In the concentration camps, the Jews construct new war machines to replace the old ones. Hitler secretly believes that some supernatural force caused the devastation, so he sends explorers and researchers to find the cause of the devastation, so that he may be able to harness it for the Reich. 
  • You need to set off WW-II ASAP before the mods do it for you.
  • I'm invading Poland in 1939 - just like OTL
  • Florae: The Florae continue mining, and send a message to other races in the area stating: The humans were a genetic mishap caused by our failed experiment. Therefore, we shall make the decision on what to do with their species. We do not wish to infringe on any mining rights on the planet Earth, but rather seek the cooperation of other species.  Due to the war not occurring that would have destroyed the human race, the Florae begin looking into the best methods for their removal. The Florae ask other races to join a conference on the fate of Earth.
    • Dude, we are humans. We get to decide what to do. - Imperium of Man
    • You do not get to make these claims. Only the canon (Mech, Azar, Regen) can.
    • And even if that weren't true, you're practically the weakest race in the galaxy. It's like Bulgaria against the US, Russia, China, India, and the UK. 
  • Nazi Germany: Secretly prepares to invade Poland next year. The Czech part of Czechoslovakia is annexed. Austria is annexed. Slovakia becomes a protectorate.
    • Romania D: We will aid in your invasion of Poland in return for its Southern regions.
    • Nope. Sorry, Romania. The USSR and Germany are splitting Poland - you get none.:(
  • Romania: A large wave of fleeing Jewish immigrants reach Romania, and the invasion of Bulgaria begins and it is a preparation for an invasion of Yugoslavia underway. Zeppelin production occurs, giving the nation an actual air force.
  • Mechs: The Mechs monitor human communication on ∑∂6098.3. A war is brewing. Meanwhile, the Omega safeguards on Installation 6 are released. The planet-construct, for the first time in millions of years, moves on its own. The 900 hyperdrives are turned on and the atmospheric generators/sun simulators begin to make the Installation habitable for organics to live on. By the end of the year, several probes are sent down to the areas where The Forge may have crashed. Data is gathered and sent back up to the Mech scouts. Atmospheric readings are chief among the results. They respond that winter is coming.
  • Eddard Stark 2016!
  • <3
  • ^^ Wow. WOW. Seriously? I thought he died. In the first book. 
  • Centria, seeing the impending warfare, activates Plan Beta. Ships are put into position for strategic bombardment of Mostrevite- 'Human'- military forces. In preparation for possible backlash due to this event, three more Corps are shifted to the Mostrev system. The Scout ship CSC Dauntless (Which, obviously, is a translation) discovers curious emissions coming from Mostrev 3. Further research indicates that some sort of Terraforming device exists under the surface of the planet, concentrated under the nation of Mexico (which is where the KT event asteroid crashed). Plans are made to excavate this device. 
  • France: OTL war preparations are made.
  • Ie'o Battle groups are moved outside of the system, most notably the Mind Shredders, an elite group of telepaths with the ability to destroy the inner workings of sentient minds.
  • Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: Trotsky gives some limited powers to the Supreme Soviet (legislature), making it seem as if the Soviet Union is becoming friendlier. The USSR builds up its military and continues nuclear research. Construction of several bunkers begins in Siberia and under near the main Russian cities for political leaders to hide in case the Nazis strike and a hiding place is needed. Construction of Area 72 is complete for nuclear researchers to work safely, and it is quite large.
  • The Azaranian scout vessel returns to Gellion-4 after taking quick readings of "Earth". The Name humans almost unanimously gave their planet (although in different languages). Unoriginal, yes, but they did not question planet naming conventions. Gellion-3 and Gellion 3.1 were hereby renamed into Earth and Luna in all star charts. The Science team at the Gallion-4 relay finish prepping it for long-term and heavy duty use. FTL com systems are set up. the Azaranian first fleet is jumped into orbit of Galeon-4 after news of alien fleets mobilizing with increasing size near the Gallion system...and the conference of Titan  the Florae. a 1000 sq km zone around the relay is terraformed with an atmo-shield to keep a stable atmosphere around it using flash terraformation techniques to use it as a Command and control station in the system...human society, note the scouts, is split into four powerful nations.
    • Conference was called off, on Titan. The Florae - who are not on Titan - called a different one.
    • The Imperial Regenetech Intelligence Services assumes that several races are preparing to attack "Earth" and asks the Azaranians if they would be interested in joining the Regen in attempting to prevent this.
    • It's not exactly a secret, is it? The IoM and Florae basically stated it in the Sol-3 negotiations.
  • Imperium of Man: The Imperium finishes their Great Fleet and begins the Third Crusade. Over 2,000 battlecruisers and 400 Astartes strikecruisers are sent to the fringe of the solar system containing Holy Terra. Pluto is quickly bombarded and taken by 10,000 Imperial Guards and 300 Imperial Marines. A forward operating base is set up in Pluto.
    • Florae Diplomacy: The Florae, after making contact with the IoM for the first time, relinquishes mining rights in the Sol system, and asks for a trade deal with the IoM.
  • Next turn??
  • Thaleon Imperium (just joined): The Thaleon Fleet warps in-system and enters Earth orbit. They quickly figure out the plans of the Imperium, Florae and the other races. Thaleon Arbiter (a type of powerful psionic commando) Zeras'Vorot and the Thaleon leader, Fleet Executor Pallen, land on the White House's South Lawn and warn the U.S. president of the danger while simultaneously proposing an alliance.


Sith empire: returns to the known galaxy. and begins to complete our grand navy and an alliance is offered to the Imperium of Man.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: Add more later

Florae: Mining ships flock to Venus after a large phosphorous deposit is discovered there. Warships begin to create a tight security barrier around the planet to increase security because of growing concerns about the growing number of military vessels in the area,  The Florae Grand Premier says in a speech to the people "We're gonna get that crap, and when it hits the fan, we're gonna blow this joint, and drive out like we stole it, man." The Florae language is very difficult to translate, and this was the closest literal translation possible. In any case, it is evident that what was once a local dispute is now a galactic boiling point. However much the Florae would like to enslave the entire human race, and make them rub their backs with potting soil, it doesn't look like it's going to happen anymore. The Florae begin working on a supercomputer so fast that edit conflicts will never happen again. 

Sith D: WEe secretly propose an alliance aginst the Imperium of Man.

Hope... Hope... Hope..
  • Nazi Germany: Now that all of Austria and Czechoslovakia are under Hitler's control, he continues secret preparations for the invasion of Poland. The Germans ask France if they can buy Madagascar. 

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