Battle for Canada

Duration September 10, 1813-October 3, 1821
Beginning Battle Battle of Lake Erie
Ending Battle Battle of Iqaluit
Formal End Treaty of Detroit, September 22, 1822
Result American Victory; British evicted from North America
Territorial Changes Oregon Country and Canada come under American control as Oregon Territory and Canada Territory.

The Battle for Canada was a conflict that evolved out of the War of 1812. It caused a chain of events that brought the demise of the United States. Because of this war, the British Empire collasped and Monarchy in Britain collapsed.


The following is a list of battles in the Battle for Canada from September 10, 1813 to October 3, 1821 that led to the final British surrender.

Battle of Lake Erie

It was September 10, 1813, and the British were threatening the Ohio region, and the British attempted an invasion ant Put-in-Bay. The invasion was repelled and the Americans lunged at Toronto.

Battle of Toronto

It was October 1, 1813, and the Americans were approaching fast. The British, which lost much of their equipment in the Battle of Lake Erie, quickly retreated into Rupert's Land and Lower Canada (Quebec).

Battle of Montreal

On October 3, 1813, the Americans invaded Lower Canada and headed to Montreal. Montreal, which was under much better protection than Toronto, was heavily bombarded by flaming bales of hay. The city fell on January 2, 1814.

Siege of Halifax

After the fall of Montreal, the Americans heade towards Halifax, the navy capital of Canada. This city was currently the most heavily fortified city in the world. Knowing that the city could not not be taken without losing the entire army, the Americans laid siege to the city on March 3, 1814. Halifax would be the last British stronghold, remaining under British control until the Treaty of Detroit.

Armistice of 1814-1821

On April 2, 1814, with most of southeastern Canada under American control, the British called for an armistice. The armistice was set to expire on January 1, 1821. However, Halifax remained under siege.

Battle of Vancouver

On January 1, 1821, the Americans invaded Canada from the Northwestern area of the country. The first city in their path was Vancouver. The city was attacked. It fell on January 29, 1821.

Battle of the Arctic

With all of mainland Canada under American control, the British tried to retreat in the Arctic, with little success. Due to the bitterness of the Arctic, the British were easily overpowered and forced to evacuate onto Baffin Island.

Battle of Baffin Island

On July 4, 1821, the 45th anniversary of American independence day, The Americans made landings on Baffin Island and marched south meeting some resistance. The Americans had completely surrounded Iqaluit by September 24, 1821.

Battle of Iqaluit

The Americans made their move on September 25, and heavily attacked Iqaluit. On October 3, the British surrendered. All of Canada (including Halifax) was now under American control.

Treaty of Detroit

On September 1, 1822, British and American delegates met in Detroit to discuss the terms of the end of the war. Terms were agreed on September 22. The terms were that America received Canada and Oregon Country in exchange for British surrender.

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