Battle at Ostia

5 . January 203 BC

Part of :

Second Punic war


Between Ostia and Rome


Roman Victory


  • Roman Republic
  • Carthage
  • Aedui tribesmen
  • Numidian cavalrymen

Publius Cornelius Scipio

  • Maharbal†
20 000 30 000 +
Casualties and Losses
5 000

Entire force

Because Hannibal was besieging Rome and he knew that a Roman force under Scipio was coming to break the siege, he sent his general Maharbal to stop the Roman legions.

His Gaulian cavalry was to attack the Romans from the east, while the Numidians would attack the western flank.

However, Sciio divided his troops and the Numidians were sandwiched between his legions. After the Numidians were defeated, the Romans attacked the Gaulians ,who fled.

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