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Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Western Turkmenistan
Bati-Turkestan Flag No coa
Flag of Bati-Turkestan
Capital Ashgabat
Largest city Ashgabat
Other cities Cheleken, Nebitdag
Turkish, Turkmeni
  others Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Afghan, Russian, Bukhori, Farsi
Sunni Islam (de facto)
  others Sufi Islam, Shia Islam, Judaism, Russian Orthodox
Ethnic Groups
  others Russian, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Afghan
Demonym Bati-Turk
Government Democracy
  water (%) neglible
Population About 1,630,000 inhabitants
Established 1985
Currency Bati-Turkestani Manat
Time Zone UTC +5
  summer UTC +5

Bati-Turkestan, Bateturkestan or Batestan (Turkish: Batı Türkistan) is a country in Central-Asia, west of Aralia and north of Iran. It comprises almost all of Turkmenistan and parts of Uzbekistan. It claims the Emirate of Bukhara, but has de facto no control over that particular area. The capital of Bati-Turkestan is Ashgabat. There live about 1,630,000 people in Bati-Turkestan, mainly Uzbeks and Turks.

The two official languages of the country are Turkish and Turkmeni. Turkish is the language used by the government, but only 4% of the inhabitants speak it as native tongue.


The country comprises West-Turkmenistan, and holds small areas in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The country has clearly defined borders, but controls de facto everything around the country up to 50 km away. This so-called Zone of Battle is uninhabited and established in order to be able to fight battles against the Muslim Liberation Army, without bringing civilians in danger. The Muslim Liberation Army threatens the country from time to time, and prevents the country from being too prosperous, since the exportation of goods is quite hard. Luckily enough, the Bati-Turkestani army controls most of the land north of the country, and is able to keep corridors to Aralia open.

The country is very arid, and most of the cities are located at rivers or oases. The most populous area is around Ashgabat, a city which was bombed, but not so severely contaminated: many inhabitants could return after a few months to a year. The bomb, fired by the United States, destroyed only the northern city center.


Bati-Turkestan is led by a president, who is elected by the people of Bati-Turkestan. The president is elected every 3 years, and is the head of the government and the state. He is advised by his secretaries, and is part of the government consisting of 7 ministers and an equal number of ministries. The party of the president is usually the biggest party of the parliament, which consists of 156 members, equal to the amount of etraplar. Every etraplar chooses his own parliament member. The most powerful parties are the BTPY (70 seats), the KRP (50 seats) and the HS (17 seats). Other parties include the UPG (3 seats) and the YYRP (5 seats).

The federal government is seated in Ashgabat, as well as the legislation and the army's headquarters.

Administrative divisions


The country is divided in 4 welayatlar, of which two are corresponding to OTL welayatlar.


Each welayatlar is divided in several etraplar. There are 156 etraplar, of which only a few have more than 5,000 inhabitants. The most populous etraplar are around Ashgabat. The least populous etrap is in the southeast, where the Muslim Liberation Army fights continuous battles with the country's army. This corner of the country is very desolate, and most inhabitants have left due to fighting and droughts.

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