Batavian Republic
OTL equivalent: Netherlands
Flag of the Netherlands Wapen Bataafse Republiek
Flag Coat of Arms
Batavian Republic
Location of Batavian Republic
(and largest city)
The Hague
  others French, English
Established January 9, 1795
Annexation to French Empire
  date June 5, 1806

The Batavian Republic was the successor of the Republic of the United Netherlands. It was proclaimed in January 9, 1795, and ended in June 5, 1806. Though the Batavian Republic was a client state, its successive governments tried their best to maintain a modicum of independence and to serve Dutch interests even where those clashed with those of their French overseas. On June 5, the French Empire annexed the republic, bringing an end to the Batavian Republic.

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