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End of WWII and Stanislav Beranek importance

Day of 6 May was happiest day in Pilsen history, American, British and Belgian soldiers liberated city from Nazi occupation and terror. Protectorate regime in Bohemia and Moravia fall apart and Soviet Armies invaded Moravia. However, in Soviet Union, Russian dictator Stalin already had his plans with Central European countries, especially with revived Czechoslovakia. He want uranium ore in Jachymov, one of only very few discovered large deposits of uranium ore which he desperately need for his nuclear weapon project. However, his plans were crossed by lonely Czech student and insurgent, Stanislav Beranek.

Beranek arrived to Pilsen at noon of 6 May and met with Allied Army commanders, include Winston Churchill and literally on knees, he begs Allied forces to help Prague insurgency against Protectorate military forces. Churchill gain control over American Armored Division and Belgian Rifle Battalion and with British Infantry Regiment, he sent them to Prague. During fight in Prague, SS units encircled and destroyed Communist rebels stronghold. Group of top ranking Communist Party (KSC) officials include general-secretary Rudolf Slansky, were killed by SS troops.

At afternoon, Allied forces arrived to Prague and all Germans surrendered, because escape to Allies was their only goal in their fight in Prague. Large parts of Prague and rest of Bohemia and Moravia was intact by war and casualties were low, except massacred civilians in few villages. Later, Stanislav Beranek joined National Guard of Czech Republic and died in 1989 North Afghan Offensive.

Because of capture of Prague by Western Allies, the Communist Party lost popularity and support among people and Soviet Army retreated from Moravia to Slovakia and Austria. There were large and danger consequences of this incident.

First of all, Slovakia was declared as Slovakian Soviet Socialist Party and became regular part of Soviet Union. Second, Austria became Communist state, known as Austrian People Republic. Third, Soviet Army invaded to Manchuria, according Allies treaty, however, they destroyed not only Japanese Imperial Army, but also Kuomintang forces and soon, captured Beijing and other important cities.

Reborn of Czech Republic

Later, Czech Republic with support of successful, important and very rich Czech enterprenuer, Jan Antonin Bata, became one of most richest countries in Europe. Jan Antonin Bata later bought oil fields in Libya and Saudi Arabia, gave large investments to R&D, built his own rocket test facility and gathered talented and well-educated scientists and inventors from whole world to reach his goals: Own Czech nuclear power plant, Czech Aeronautic Program and gaining independence on fossil fuels. He wanted to transform Czech Republic in high-tech industrial country and because of that, he later joined politics and created Republican Socialist Party of Czech Republic. Social, industrial and research oriented center-left party. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

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