Kingdom of Bastarna
— Free Kingdom of The Cimbrian Alliance
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Belarus
Nordic Cross edited
Flag of Bastarland
Kingdom of Bastarna
Location of Bastarland
(and largest city)
Gorodit (Grodno)
Bastarnan (Bastrisch)
  others Cimbrian (Cimbrisch)
Religion Norse Mythology
Ethnic group Bastarni
Government King of Bastarna
  legislature King
Established 1216 (463 AD)
Admission 1220 (467 AD)

A Short History of Bastarna

Bastarna was the least diverse of the Kingdoms of the Cimbrian Alliance. The Bastarni were a large and a very connected group in the Alliance. In the Province of Scythia the Bastarni were one of the most powerful groups of people and actively engaged with the Romans upon their arrival. The wealth which the Bastarni built up made them one of the larger backers of the war against the Romans. The Bastarni were actually rather hated among the other tribes on their borders. Not only did they have many resources to exploit but there were also expansive fertile lands which allowed them to feed their growing population. Because of the lack of Diversity in the Kingdom there were no Duchies or other tribes to question the man who declared himself King. King Kiril of Bastarna was given almost free reign over his Kingdom, unlike the systems of many of his neighbors.

A List of Kings of Bastarna

King Kiril 1220 (467- AD)


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