Al Başrah
Official language Arabic
Capital Basra City
Largest City Basra City
Population 3,187,000
HDI 0.666 (Low)
Currency Basra Dinar (IQD)
Our Timeline Equivalent much of Shi'ite-majority Iraq

Basra is an Islamic nation situated in the Mesopotamia region of Southwestern Asia. It is a nominal democracy, though in practice, power is in the hands of powerful Shi'ite elites, and minorities are heavily discriminated against.


Mesopotamia has a long history, and is one of the first agriculturally-based societies. However, thousands of years later, Basra is no longer at the forefront of civilization, but now lacks basic infrastructure, though is not as poverty-stricken as Iraq. Taken over by Baghdad in 1988, it was incorporated into the newly-named country of "Iraq". However, after Iraq attacked Kuwait, and an international coalition fought against Iraq, Kuwai, and then Basra were liberated. A democratic government was set up at that time, though a huge upswelling in Shi'ite nationalism led to Shi'ite leaders gaining control of most government offices. Although freedom of religion is in the constitution, in reality, non-Muslims, and especially Sunni Muslims face constant threats and discrimination.



95% Muslims
05% infidels*

*Infidels include Bahai, Druze, Alevi, Christians, and others. Though to boost the percentage of Muslims, the 5-10% of Sunnis are counted as Muslims, they are officially discriminated against like the so-called "infidels".

Ethnic Groups

97% Arabs
03% others (Persians, etc)


98% Arabic
02% others (Persian, etc)


Note: This is estimated, as there are no government statistics.

95% Non-Vegetarian
05% Vegetarian

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