The Basque Republic (Basque: Euskadi or officially, Euskal Errepublika; Spanish: Republica Vasco) is a Western European country located on the Iberian Peninsula and eastern shore of the Bay of Biscay that was formed in 1946 following the Partition of Spain and France at the end of World War Two. Known in its native tongue as Euskadi, the Republic became an important German ally once the Central Powers occupation ended in 1950 and became a full TATO member upon that organization's founding in 1951.

The Basque Republic has a population of 3,450,000 people and the capital is at Gasteiz, while its largest city is Bilbo. It's current Lehendakari (President) is Inigo Urkullu. The Basque Republic has an Presidential-style government, with an empowered executive and a completementary unicameral Parliament.

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