The Basmuric Egypt (Egyptian: Πϵϣμωριϯ Kῑμιτ Pešmuriti Kīmit) was the one independent dynasty to rule Egypt in the Middle Ages. They ruled the country, as well as much of Syria, from 838, when they revolt against the Persians and become Egypt in an independent kingdom, until 969, when the Kutamis conquered Egypt.

List of Basmuric rulers of Egypt

  • Paphnute I, 838–862
  • Anthony, 862–884
  • Menas, 884–905
  • Paphnute II, 905–929
  • Shenoute I, 929–946
  • Paphnute III, 946–948
  • Theodore, 948–951
  • Shenoute II, 951–969

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