Autokrator of Alexandria
αυτοκράτορας της Αλεξανδρεία
Coat of Arms of Alexandria
Cassandros III
Cassandros III
since 2008

Succession: Absolute cognatic ultimogeniture
First monarch: Alexandros III
Residence: Palace of Alexandria
Titles: Autokrator of Alexandria
Basileus of Macedonia
Basileus of Greece
Basileus of Anatolia
Basileus of Balkania

 The Autokrator or Autokrateira of the Alexandrian Empire (Emperor or Empress) the head of state of the Alexandrian Empire. The title is also officially known as Basileus and Basileia/Basilissa, which can also mean Emperor and Empress, but is more commonly translated as King. The Emperor or Empress has limited, but significant powers.

The present Autokrator is Cassandros III, who ascended the throne after the death of his grandmother, Elana.

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