This is the basic timeline for Manifest Destroyed. It will contain the most important events of the series in basic detail, so that one can find out the most important information quickly.


  • June 18, 1812-Congress declares war om the United Kingdom.
  • June-August-riots are held in Baltimore in protest of the war.
  • July-General William Hull leads a failed campaign into Canada.
  • July-December-Tecumseh leads massacres against American settlers in the west.
  • August-General William Hull surrenders Detroit to General Isaac Brook.
  • October-Battle of Queenston Heights, American victory.


  • January-British and Native Americans soldiers defeat Americans at Frenchtown. The following day over a hundred Americans are killed at Raisin River Massacre.
  • April-Americans troops burn York to the ground.
  • May-Siege of Fort Meigs, American victory
  • September-September-September-September-Battle of Lake Erie, American Victory
  • October-Battle of the Thames, American victory, Tecumseh and other soldiers escape
  • November-Battle of Chrysler's Farm, British victory.


  • July-Battles of Chippewa and Lundy's Lane.
  • August-Peace negotiations begin in Ghent.
  • August 24/25-The British burn parts of Washington DC down
  • September-Battle of Plattsburgh and Baltimore, both end in British victory. The British invade Maine and New York
  • October-most of Maine is captured. The British in Maryland continue their conquest and capture DC again, burying the whole fifty down this time. Large portions of New York fall into enemy hands.
  • November-The British enter Dover and capture the rest of Maine. Albany is captured by the British.
  • December 2-America surrenders. An armistice goes into effect.


  • January 8-Treaty of Ghent is signed, ending the war. Maine and Rupert's land is ceded to the British. The Shawnee Confederacy gains the Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan territories. War reparations and naval access are given.
  • January 12-Ratified by the British.
  • January 23-February 26-Boston conference held by New England states.
  • February 15-Ratified by America.
  • March 19-Massachusetts secedes, forming the Republic of New England.
  • March 29-New Hampshire secedes and join the Republic of New England.
  • April 11-Conneticuts joins the Republic of New England. James Madison calls for military action against the "disloyal rebs" but few agree to.
  • April 16-Rhode Island joins the Republic of New England, New England calls for a temporary army.
  • May 1-Vermont joins the Republic of New England.
  • May 3-US forces numbering 2,000 invade Connecticut. This attempt is repulsed by the end of the month.
  • June 5-Battle of Cape Cod. A third of the American navy is destroyed or captured by New England.
  • June 23-US forces numbering 1600 invade Vermont.
  • July 5-US forces numbering 2300 invade Massachusetts.
  • July 23-25 Battle of Burlington, last battle of the Vermont campaign sees Americans forced completely from Vermont.
  • July 31/August 2-Battle of Pittsfield, forces Americans out of Massachusetts save for Fort Madison.
  • August 12-Fort Madison surrenders.
  • September 29-Battle of Nantucket, US navy is destroyed.
  • October 14-US forces numbering 3000 invade Connecticut again.
  • November 9-Battle of New Haven marks retreat of US forces.
  • November 14-Battle of Danbury completes that retreat.
  • November 16-November elections see Rufus King elected, who promises to end the war.


  • January 20-Rufus King is sworn into office of the US presidency, who calls for an immediate ceasefire and negotiations to begin in New Haven.
  • February 16-Treaty of New Haven. The US recognizes the Republic of New England and pays minor war reparations. Immediate diplomatic relations are promised.
  • May 8-19- riots are held in Baltimore and New York City against the government. These eventually dissipate, but protests are held throughout the year.
  • November 3- Embassy's from Britain and France arrive at New England.





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