This timeline covers in the most basic of fashions the events from 1917 onwards. This timeline will do little to explain why these events happen, instead simply describing.

Backdrop: The Entente Cordiale is never signed, and Franco-British relations become strained in the 19th century over various colonial incidences. Britain comes to the aid of Belgium in WWI and grudgingly assists France. The British navy is surprisingly not as successful against the Germans as anticipated, and German attempts to beat back the French are successful after several large mutinies. The Germans begin to build momentum.

1917 - Paris is captured as French morale shatters. The French agree to an armistice. The British are furious but have to agree too.

1918 - The Treaty of Paris is signed. The French have to pay reparations and slightly reduce their army and navy. The British have to pay reparations and cap their navy. However the Germans agree to withdraw from British colonial holdings, and little more is taken. The British and French publics are shattered. German victory on the eastern front is secured. German soldiers are garrisoned in French cities.

1919 - Large socialist uprising in France, it is crushed but sentiment remains.

1920 - Partition of Ireland in Britain.

1925 - France becomes a socialist state.

1935 - Election of Mosley in Britain.

1939 - Invasion of Ireland, successful by the end of the year. Germany's problems in eastern Europe intensify.

1940 - Attack on France, (a "liberation" war) the Netherlands and Germany.

1941 - After being driven off the continent, Britain still refuses to surrender.

1942 - Landings on the south of England. There is a drive towards London. By the end of the year the Commonwealth refuses to help any more and Britain surrenders.

1943 - Osborne Conference dissolves the British Empire, completely frees the dominions and divides the country into occupation zones.

1944 - Wallonian crisis

1993 - The states of Britain are allowed to join together again.

1995 - Civil war in Britain between various factions.

1998 - Allied intervention in Britain begins.

2002 - The civil war largely finishes. Britain is once again divided into various regions.

2008 - A pan-British and pan-English parliament is set up in Bristol. It is rejected by some and welcomed by others.

To be updated...

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