Barriss Coffie
Timeline: Great Empires

Barriss Coffie
Portrait of Barriss Coffie

President of the United Planets
7320 BBC – 7300 BBC

Predecessor Annalyse Kadavera
Successor Logan Corona
Born 7349 BBC
Died 7295 BBC (presumed)
Sendac Central Prison, Sendac
Full name Barriss Coffie Prayana
Homeworld Nedarn
Species Zirialan
Father Vanis Coffie
Mother Daka Prayana
Religion The Force
Profession Sendi Master
“I will do what I need to, to protect the people from evil, I know it.”
~ Barriss Coffie
Barriss Coffie was a Zirialan Sendi Master and President of the United Planets under the Intergalactic Empire under Empress Ilyana. Though she tried to help the people of the Intergalactic Empire, she eventually lost faith in the empire, delusional and betrayed her nation in an attempt to open the people's eyes that the empire was an evil state, fallen from the light, to the Dark Side.


Early life

Barriss Coffie was born the daughter of two average Zirialan parents, her mother worked as a doctor and her father as a teacher, both at the local town. She was a very smart girl, gaining excellent grades at school. She was quite happy with her normal life, through her life was torn apart when her parents died in a hover car accident when she was ten. She had nowhere left to go, but miraculously the President of the United Planets, Annalyse Kadavera, who was visiting the planet, saw her on the streets and adopted her, taking her to Sendac.

Teenage life

When Barriss was taken to Sendac, she enjoyed great luxury and was served well. She seemed to be sensitive to the Force and was inducted in the Sendi Order. Over the years she became happy once again, but still was sad about her parents. Over the years she came to accept Annalyse as her mother figure. Eventually Barriss became a Sendi Master, a very respected one, at a very young age.

Adult life

When she grew up her relationship with Annalyse changed from a daughter-mother relationship to a sisterly friendship.  Barriss decided to leave the Presidential Palace and move permanently to the Sendi Temple, though she did visit her friend many times.

Annalyse's murder

In 7320 BBC President Annalyse was murdered by an assassin, which came to a shock by many as she was universally loved. Barriss was shocked and wanted to found out who killed her, but the Sendi Order forbade it, seeing it as an act of revenge. Secretly she still did some investigation, but she never managed to find out who was behind the order.


Early presidency

When she was a teenager, Barriss frequently made public appearances, making her popular with the public. Even though Sendi do not regularly participate in politics, she decided to do so anyway, winning the election by a large margin. However, Ilyana (who Barriss hated from the beginning), the former right-hand of Annalyse proclaimed the Intergalactic Empire and announced herself empress in a coup. Barriss was allowed to serve as the President but had little political power.

Middle presidency

Barriss rebelled against Ilyana and led the opposition, trying to thwart her plans as much as possible. She was relatively successful, leading the empire to a new period of prosperity, much to Ilyana's annoyance. She countered and attempted to stop the war with the Separatists, enemies who declared independence from the republic at the beginning of Barriss' tenure.

Late presidency and downfall

“I blew up the Senate Building, because I have finally realized what some of us had already realized, that we are the ones responsible for this war, that we've so lost our way that we have become villains in this conflict. We should be the ones that should be put on trial, all of us! And my attack on the Senate was an attack on what the republic has become, an evil empire, fighting for the Dark side, fallen from the light that we once held so dear. Our empress is evil! This empire is a failure, it is only a matter of time ... ”
~ Barriss Coffie giving a speech about her treachery

Ilyana eventually abolished most of the President's powers, leaving Barriss powerless. Barriss wanted to restore the republic and saw Ilyana as evil, but she couldn't do so in public so she devised a plan to kill Ilyana, corrupting herself. She also discovered that llyana was in fact a Senrasai, the evil counterpart of the Sendi. She bombed the Intergalactic Senate Building, but Ilyana survived the bombing, now realizing somebody was plotting against her. Many innocents were killed, but Barriss was prepared to do whatever it takes to do what was right. Eventually Logan Corona, another Sendi Master who was friends with her, discovered her involvement in the bombing and confronted her. Barriss attacked him and the two engaged in a duel. Though Barriss was an excellent duelist and strong in The Force, she was unable to defeat Corona and was defeated. Just when Ilyana was going to sentence an innocent, who was thought to have bombed the Senate Building, to death, Corona stormed in with Barriss. Barriss confessed her deeds to the entire republic, shocking trillions. She said that she only wanted to help the people from the evil, but she herself had become evil. Ilyana now realized that Barriss was a threat to her, but strangely enough didn't order her a death sentence. Barriss was imprisoned in the Sendac Central Prison, sad, but not regretting her deeds.


Eventually the public and Sendi came to discover that Ilyana was evil and a Senrasai, and at the same time leader of the Separatists, proving Barriss was actually telling the truth. Ilyana calmly revealed the truth and she was tried to arrest, but she escaped and came back to Sendac, with an army. Her enormous army was defeated at the end. Ilyana was defeated by Logan Corona in a duel and killed when she tried to escape. The Sendac Prison was bombed and it was presumed Barriss had died in the resulting explosions. However, some people reported to have seen her fighting on the republic's side. She may have fled the republic into unknown space, wanting to be free from the republic and the Senrasai. Her actual fate remains unknown.


Logan Corona, was elected the new President and realised that Barriss was not evil, just confused and he honored her, saying we shall remember her not as a traitor but as a misunderstood hero. Most people today are positive about her tenure as president.


Barriss was an intelligent woman and graduated successfully at the Sendac University. She was cunning and calm and an able administrator and President. Barriss was an excellent duelist, becoming one of the most powerful duelists in the Sendi Order. She was able to defend herself against multiple Temple Guards and even almost defeated Logan Corona, who was considered to be the most skilled duelist in the order at the time. She was also very strong in The Force, being able to hold her young appearance and was the equal of Corona. She was able to block and generate lightning and produce energy beams from her hands. She was a skilled acrobat, performing many difficult moves.