Feel free to add on parts to the story but DO NOT take away anything (only I can do that) PS don't put in stupid things (i.e. 2072- Evil Monkeys kill all humanity).

Note- the world is devoid of oil but has huge coal deposits mostly in the South-Eastern United States.

1799- Napoleon performs a coup against the First French Republic establishing himself as emergency President until the new form of government is sorted out.

1800- Napoleon utters the now famous line "I do not wish to be king, a king means a descendant from a long line of wealthy powerful people steeped in superstition, I wish to be called the Great Baron of France". He requests Pope Pius VII to coronate him in the Palace of Versailles. All goes according to plan and the Pope places the Napoleon Crown on the Great Baron's head and the Great Baroness'.

1801- French intellectual, Luis de Gaulle, creates the percussion cap. Napoleon orders that all muskets and rifles are retrofitted.

1802-Napoleon marches his troops into the Low Countries, Britain and Prussia rise to their aid. the First Napoleonic War begins.

1803 Prussian troops with the aid of resistance fighters liberate Amsterdam. Napoleon retaliates by sending a group of 200,000 men to the ranks and Amsterdam is reconquered.

1804-French troops push into Prussia and secure Berlin and the unconditional surrender of Prussia, France annexes all of Prussia.

1805- the Royal Navy destroys French trade routes to India and America.

1806- Napoleon's France is starting to starve from the blockade as a result the Great Baron orders that a breech-loading musket must be made. Napoleon's Army moves south into Austria and gets to the gates of Vienna.