The Barghawata Confederacy (Moorish: ⵜⴰⴼⵉⴷⵉⵕⴰⵍⴰⴽ ⵉⴱⴰⵔⵖⵡⴰⵜⵉⵜ Tafidiṛalak Ibarɣwatit) was a confederation of Moor tribes of the Atlantic coast of Mauritania, belonging to the Ghomara tribes. They established an independent state (CE 742–1058) in the area of Mauritania on the Atlantic coast between the cities of Asfi and Esla under the leadership of Maysar Amteghri, who led a rebellion against the Moorish Kingdom of Cordova.

After a long period of time in which there were good relations with the Kingdom of Cordova, there was a break at the end of the 10th century during the reign of Haisa II (976–1012). Two Cordovan incursions, as well as attacks by the Kutamis were fought off by the Barghawata. Even though the Barghawata were subsequently much weakened, they were still able to fend off Morabedi attacks but were finally subdued by them (1058).

Although the Barghawata was a monarchy, their rulers were chosen by an assembly of the diferent Moor clans that were confederated. Thus, there were not a dynastic monarchy with a centralized power, but rather an union of tribes under the rule of a sovereign that represented them.

List of rulers of the Barghawata Confederacy

  • Maysar Amteghri, 742–745
  • Tikfer Amteghri, 745–760
  • Ugwistan Saden, 760–784
  • Izem Tiwrinin, 784–792
  • Baba Elyas, 792–842
  • Amezwar Miknas, 842–856
  • Tanan ben Gwafa, 856–874
  • Amezyan Yiduyen, 874–888
  • Igider Amghari, 888–917
  • Arbamun Adrari, 917–961
  • Baba Yessu, 961–997
  • Wiwurgh Izil, 997–1019
  • Asafar Azrur, 1019–1041
  • Yufitran ben Wiwurgh, 1041–1058

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