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Barghawata Confederacy
Timeline: Saracen Jihad
OTL equivalent: Barghawata
Umayyad Flag 744 -
Berber Revolt States (Saracen Jihad).png
Barghawata Confederacy in blue.
CapitalNot Specified
Official languages Berber
Religion Official: Indigenous religion inspired by Islam (adopted by 12 tribes)
Other: Khariji Islam (adopted by 17 tribes)
Government Monarchy

Tribal confederacy

(29 tribes)
 -  King Tarif al-Matghari
 -  Established 744 

The Barghawata (also Barghwata or Berghouata) was a confederation of Berber tribes of the Atlantic coast of Morocco, belonging to the Masmuda group of tribes. The Barghawata was formed after the conclusion of the Berber Revolt, in which the area was held by the various Berber locals. The nation was established as an independent state in the area of Tamesna on the Atlantic coast between Safi and Salé, under the leadership of Tarif al-Matghari, who served as its first king.