Europe after the German Moon Landings in 1954

Hitler made a terrible mistake by invading Russia, Rommel kept saying that Napoleon had the same amount of confidence as him, but utterly failed.


June 22: Hitler calls off Operation Barbarossa and moves the date to April 15 1942 so that he has time to fight Britain and gain more oil.

June 23: Germany launches its invasion of Turkey which is considered a betrayal by the Turks.

July 6: Turkey surrenders and the Wehrmacht immediately move on to recapture Syria and invade the Middle East

July 19: Iraq, Syria and Jordan are captured, British Egypt is now facing a two-front war

July 29: Hitler invades Saudi Arabia

August 13: With a quarter of the world's oil supply at his fingertips, Hitler orders mass drillings and well as further advancements into the British Middle East

August 26: British Egypt is finally captured by the Axis

September 4: Hitler is desperate for air superiority over the British Skies, he supports test flights and development of the ME 262 seeing it as a "wonder weapon" that could change the course of the war

September 16: Germany invades Sweden for its resources

September 29: Sweden surrenders

October 8: Hermann Göring orders an ME 262 to be tested against a Spitfire in Southern England

October 21: Hitler pours more funding into more future weapons such as the V2 Rocket and the Atomic Bomb

November 19: The ME 262 is finally deployed and is proving to be a lethal weapon

December 3: Italy recaptures East Africa after months of Harsh Resistance


January 14: Hitler finally launches Operation Sealion

January 17: The Southern Ports of Portsmouth, Dover and Brighton are captured

January 24: Battle of London Begins, Cornwall is captured

January 29: London is finally captured, both sides have heavy losses

February 3: The Battle of Norwich begins

February 5: The Germans capture Norwich, Cardiff also falls

February 15: Wales becomes the first British Country to completely fall to the Nazis

February 24: York falls to Hitler

February 27: The remnants of the RAF in the North are wiped out over the skies of Liverpool

March 7: The Battle of Manchester begins and ends with a German victory

March 9: Britain Surrenders, most of her colonies declare independence

April 15: The time has come to launch Operation Barbarossa

The Soviet Union finally capitulates in August and Hitler Reshapes Europe in his image

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