Kingdom of Barbaria (English)

Tageldit n-Tamazgha (Berber)

Regnum Barbarorum (Latin)
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
Berber flag.svg Hafsid Coat of Arms (PM3).png
Coat of arms
Roman Empire Barbaria (PM3).png
Barbaria within the Roman Empire.
Largest city Benghazi
Official languages Berber
Regional Languages Greek, Latin, French, Egyptian, Spanish
Ethnic groups  Greek, Latin
Demonym Berber
Government Unitary Constitutional Hereditary Monarchy
 -  King Motamid Abu Zakariya Hafsid
Legislature Senate
 -  Upper house House of Nobles
 -  Lower house House of Commoners
 -  Establishment of the Principality of Barbaria 1794 A.D. 
 -  Reformation as a Kingdom 1873 A.D. 
 The Kingdom of Barbaria is an Archonate within the Roman Empire. Compared to the other Archonates, Barbaria is the largest by far, although it has the lowest population density of the entire Empire. Vast resources, espcially in oil and other hydrocarbons, make up for this lack in population and much of the Empire's domestic fuel needs are supplied by Berber industries.