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Imagine this; it is 2008, and the president-elect of the United States, Barack Obama, is shot whilst he begins his acceptance speech. The bullet lodges in his head, knocking him to the floor, and in a flurry of activity, people all over scramble to see what had just happened before their eyes. This timeline shall deal with the effects of the shooting, and what would happen next.

The shooting

"US senator Barack Obama will become the 44th US president..."

Barack Obama steps into the podium and begins his acceptance speech. About 40 seconds into his speech, a man emerges from the crowd, pulling out a firearm, and fires at President-Elect Obama. Falling to the floor, Obama was knocked out by the bullet that pierced his head, and whilst lying there unconscious, his attacker is pushed to the floor, and apprehended. After his aids rush to his side, he is quickly moved to a nearby hospital. 


As Obama was rushed to the hospital he began to lose blood at a high rate, and a stroke had set in. With his family by his side, he arrived to the hospital, and was immediately operated on. Attempts to stop the blood loss were made, but to no avail. President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama died at 4:15 AM CST, Chicago, Illinois. Vice President-Elect Joe Biden was informed of his death, and after a moment of silence and disbelief, he began to make some important decisions. It would be two months after the assassination, on January 6, 2009, in which the President-elect would choose his Vice Preside; Bill Richardson.

Transition to the Presidency

Following the assassination and the two months that followed before the inauguration, President-elect Biden began a series of meetings across the country, speaking with the grieving Obama family before meeting President Bush to discuss a number of matters, the most important being the recent economic collapse earlier in the year, and how to resolve it as quickly as possible. 

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