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Baraccus Obamacus

Baraccus Obamacus (b. 1961) is the current president of Ethiokenya. During the campaign season of 2008, some citizens challenged his Ethiokenyan birth certificate, claiming that he was instead born within the Roman Federation. However, after presenting his birth certificate, he won the election on a platform of healthcare reform and equality in the workplace. Elected in 2008, he is a member of the Globalist party, which opposes the Ethiokenyan Nationalist party.

Obamacus is a devout Afrochristian who has attended church since his youth and volonteers frequently in his home town of Nairobium. He is a fluent speaker of five languages: Swahili, Latin, Egyptian, Zulu, and Kongolese. He is trying to learn Hebrew.

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