The Bantu Kingdom
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Eastern Africa
Arrow flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of The Bantu Kingdom
The location of the Bantu Kingdom and its settlements
(and largest city)
Language Bantu
Religion Animism
Ethnic Groups
  others Nigerian, Hutu, Tutsi, Twa,
Demonym Bantu
Government Kingdom
  legislature King
Established 1075 (322 AD)

The Foundation of the Bantu Kingdom

The Bantu were a tribe originating in central Africa but predominantly in Nigeria. After the conquest of Nigeria by the Roman Empire many tribes escaped into southern Africa. One of these tribes was the Bantu. The Bantu at first settled on the border of the Satavahana so that they could benefit from their trade. But soon the Satavahana began attacking the Bantu for invading their lands. The Bantu fought back and the Satavahana believed that they were an uncivilized people, but they had weapons on par with the Satavahana. By 1075 (322 AD) the Bantu almost all were settled on the border north of the Satavahana. A large war ensued in which the Bantu attempted to take most of the mainland parts of the Satavahana Kingdom. they were defeated but the Satavahana had a Pyrrhic Victory and settled for allowing the Bantu to create a state on their border. The general of the Bantu became the first King, Namula, and he ruled with a strong and dignified ability and asserted his control over the body of water named Lake Bantu (Lake Tanganyika) and the northern shores of Lake Malawi.

A List of Kings of the Bantu

King Namula 1077-1085 (324-332 AD)

King Namula II 1085-1098 (332-345 AD)

King Barasa 1098-1111 (345-358 AD)

King Jengo 1111-1127 (358-374 AD)

King Kobina 1127-1148 (374-395 AD)

King Namula III 1148-1155 (395-402 AD)

King Baas 1155-1172 (402-419 AD)


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