On April 10, 2006 a heavily armed man enters a bank in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The Incident

On April 10, 2006 a masked man armed with an AK-47 assault rifle storms into a Citizens Bank in Springfield, Massachusetts and opens fire. In the confusion sixteen people in the bank are killed. Several people flee the bank and call the police. A nearby Springfield Police Officer runs into the bank and is brutally gunned down.

Soon, the Springfield Police Department surrounds the bank. Eventually, Massachusetts State Police and SWAT units arrive to fortify the perimeter. The suspect proceeds to take the remaining people in the bank hostage for eighteen hours.

After an hour word spreads to the media and general population about the situation at the bank. About five hundred local militia group members arrive at the bank. Towards the end of the standoff, the suspect gets anxious. Joe DiPepetone, a militia group member and former US Marine, jumps the police barrier and opens fire into the bank with a rifle and is gunned down. The suspect then runs out of the bank and is killed in a hail of gunfire.

The suspect is then searched. It is soon discovered that the suspect is carrying a secret Mexican intelligence dossier. The Central Intelligence Agency, and United States Department of Defense are called by police to the scene. They soon confirm that the suspect is a Mexican intelligence agent.


The incident confirms American fears that Mexican intelligence is engaging in covert activities against the United States government. President Ramirez can do nothing, but admit to the United Nations that he knew of the covert activity. This increases tension between the two nations.

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