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Presidentate of Baltimore
Timeline: Days After Chaos
OTL equivalent: Baltimore
. 1905 - Present
WIP Baltimore Chaos 2.svg
Papal States and its direct holdings shown in dark blue.
Official languages English
Religion Unionism
Government Theocratic Absolute Monarchy
 -  President Charles I (First)

The Presidentate of Baltimore, often known simply as just Baltimore, is a theocratic absolute monarchy, located in the region of Maryland. Baltimore is led by the President of Baltimore, the second of such positions to be created (following Annapolis), beginning with Charles I following his coronation by Pope George I in 1905.


Ancient History



In 1905 a several year long struggle in Baltimore would finally ended, with Charles of Ellicot achieving dominance over the city. Having received a vision of the archangel Columbia, Charles had his soldiers paint American symbols on their shields. After achieving a crushing victory to reunite the city, Charles immediately converted to Unionism. As the city was raided, resulting in the deaths of hundreds, Charles ordered the creation of a new government built upon Unionist beliefs. He was crowned the following year by Pope George, as King Charles I. To gain the largest endowment possible, the pope decreed that both Charles and Michael would serve as presidents of their respective realms, marking the first instance of more than one president recognized by the papacy. Despite these efforts to encourage unity among nations of the faith, both nations would become fierce rivals over the next few decades.

During Charles' coronation his alliance with the pope would be solidified. A large ceremony was held in Baltimore in which the pope anointed the king and his family, while Charles was declared patricius Columbiae ("protector of Columbia"), the symbolic defender of the faith and protector of the American symbol of Columbia, as well as the city of Washington itself.