So you're probably thinking "oh, this is just another 'if the south won the civil war' timeline, probably like all the others, pointless. Show me something more interesting'", but the main idea of this timeline isn't really the Confederacy, its all of North America itself. What if the South breaks away, and (like Lincoln feared), it sets a precedent for other states to break away. California declares independence in 1875, taking neighboring states with it. Utah breaks away in 1879, and renames itself "Deseret", but after a war with the United States, it is back in the Union by 1882. Along with nations like the Caribbean Federation and an independent Florida, North America soon becomes much more complex then just three friendly states (OTL Mexico, Canada, and the USA).

This is "Balkanized" North America, a North America that's a lot like the Balkans (if you have not figured it out). These nations fight several wars with each other. In this world, Germany (and its close friends, Austria-Hungary, Italy and Spain) have won two world wars and Russia (capitalist in this world) has won the Cold War. In the aftermath of several bloody conflicts in the 1990s, the nations of North America enjoy a shaky peace, for war can break out for "continental" domination at any moment. Will peace last? And will these countries develop so they could catch up with the rest of the planet?



Light Blue (at the top): Confederation of Alaska

Dark Blue: Dominion of Canada

Green (in the middle): United States of America

Orange: Confederate States of America

Dark Purple: Republic of California

Yellow: Federation of Florida

Red: Republic of Mexico

Yellow: Republic of Guatemala and Belize

Light Purple: Caribbean Federation

Black: Republic of Honduras

Brown: Republic of Nicaragua

Light Blue (at the bottom): Republic of Costa Rica

Green (at the bottom): Republic of Panama

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