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Balkan Crisis
Night of the Living Alternate History
Date 2006 - Present
Location Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, Greece, West Thrace,
Status Ongoing
Balkania-flag Balkan Alliance
  • Balkania-flag Balkan Ground Forces
  • NotLAH Balkan Roundel Balkan Black Sea Fleet

Flag of Serbia Serbia

  • Grb 1 Serbian Armed Forces

Badge of Serbian Ministry of Interior Serbian Ministry of the Interior

  • Badge of Serbian police Serbian Law Enforcement

Bulgarian Flag (WHF) Bulgaria

  • Logo of Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria Bulgarian Armed Forces
  • Coat of arms of Bulgaria (version by constitution) Bulgarian Unity Faction
  • Agrarian Union

Flag of Macedonia Macedonia

  • MacedonianArmyLogo Army of the Macedonian Republic
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Yugoslavia Coat of Arms Bosnian Democratic Alliance

Flag of Greece Hellenic Republic

  • Coat of arms of Greece military variant Allied Greek Armed Forces
  • HellenicArmySeal Greek Freedom Coalition

Coat of arms of Greece (1924–1935) Northern Greek Conference

  • Flag of Greece (1822-1978) Northern Greek Reform Party
  • Kingdom of Greece Flag Greek Organized Resistance
  • 450px-Flag of Greek Macedonia svg Greek Macedonia
  • Roundel of the Macedonian Air Force Freedom Army of Macedonia

State Flag of Serbia (1882-1918) Serbian Separatist Party
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
Flag of Albania (1934-1939) Albania
Flag of Kosovo Kosovo

  • 25px Democratic League of Kosovo
  • Armed Forces Paramilitaries
250px-State Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.svg Counter Serbian Unionists

Altnerate Red Star Yugoslavian Flag Worker's Republic of Serbia

Flag of Serbia and Montenegro Serbian Alliance Party

  • Civil Flag of Serbia Serbian Faction
  • Flag of Montenegro (1905-1918 & 1941-1944) Army of Revolutionary Insurrectionary - Montenegro

Standard of the President of Bulgaria East Bulgarian Separatists
Thrace 83DD Thrace
Flag of the Islamic Courts Union Balkan Islamic Union
Flag of JihadBalkan Insurgency

Flag of the Republic of Macedonia 1992-1995 Macedonian Reactionary Party
FascistAlbania Nishani Albania

  • Kingdom of the Albanians Flag 1914-1920 Socialist Movement Party
  • Albania Royal Army Royal Army