Balkan Federation Balkanski savez
βαλκανική Συμμαχία
Aleanca Ballkanike
Балкан алианс
Alianța balcanică
Balkan Communist Federation Balkanska komunistička federacija
Βαλκανική Κομμουνιστική Ομοσπονδία
Federata balkan komuniste
Балканската комунистическа федерация
Federația comunistă din Balcani
1941 – 2000
Headquarters Moscow (before 1951), Beijing (1951-2000)
Main languages Albanian, Serbo-Croatian, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian
Political structure Military alliance
Membership 5 member states

Yugoslav Partisans flag 1945 Democratic Federal Yugoslavia
Flag of Albania (1946-1992) Democratic Government of Albania
Flag of Greece (1822-1978) Provisional Democratic Government
Flag of Bulgaria (1971-1990) People's Republic of Bulgaria
Flag of Romania (1965-1989) Romanian People's Republic

confederate riots:

Yugoslav Partisans flag 1945 Yugoslav Partisans
22px National Liberation Movement
DSE badge Democratic Army of Greece
Flag of the Bulgarian Homeland Front Fatherland Front
Stema PCR 1921-1989 Gărzile patriotice

Political Parties:

Communist Party of Yugoslavia Flag-cyr (1920–1952) Communist Party of Yugoslavia
Ppshsymbol1981 Communist Party of Albania
Communist Youth of Greece logo Communist Party of Greece
Bandera del Partido Comunista Búlgaro Bulgarian Communist Party
Stema PCR 1921-1989 Romanian Communist Party

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