Balearic Islands
Illes Balears (Catalan)
Islas Baleares (Spanish)

— Autonomous community of Spain
Timeline: The Era of Relative Peace

OTL equivalent: Balearic Islands
Flag of the Balearic Islands Escudo de las Islas Baleares
Flag Coat of Arms
Localització de Islas Baleares
Location of the Balearic Islands within Spain
Anthem "La Balanguera"
(and largest city)
Palma de Mallorca
Other cities Formentera, Ibiza
Language Catalan and Spanish
Demonym Balearic
Government Devolved government in a constitutional monarchy

The Balearic Islands (Spanish: Islas Baleares) is a group of islands located in Western Mediterranean Sea, off the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. The four largest islands are Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera. There are many minor islands and islets close to the larger islands, including Cabrera, Dragonera and S'Espalmador.



World War III

The islands were invaded by the Soviet Union after they successfully routed the Allied navies in the Meditteranean Sea to the Straits of Gibraltar, along with Malta, Corsica, and the French southern coast. It quickly fell as their were only a few Spanish military units. The rest of the Spanish Navy did what they could to defend but since majority of them were decimated, they retreated to Gibraltar. Meanwhile, the islands were subject to strict occupation, with the residents there being imposed curfews by the invaders. There was only minor resistance to the Soviets. Occasionally, the Spanish Air Force, the USAF, and the RAF would attack Soviet positions on the island. Some CIA SAD teams were clandestinely inserted to the Balearic Islands and Malta to aid the resistance fighters there. These were directly responsible for sabotaging Soviet defenses in preparation for the islands liberation.

The Balearic Islands were successfully liberated by NATO on the later stages of the war. The Spanish Navy aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias led the liberation.

Post War

Following the war, tourism dropped in the 90s as the islands were reconstructed from the damages caused by the liberation campaign. Tourism was on the rise again during the mid-2000s as majority of the Balerics were already reconstructed. With rise of EDM genre, the city of Ibiza attracts thousands of visitors to watch international DJs perform.

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