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Republic of the Balearic Islands
República de les Illes Balears
Timeline: Ok Stalin

OTL equivalent: Balearic Islands
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag of the Balearic Islands Coat of Arms of the Balearic Islands
Location of Balearic Islands (Ok Stalin)
Location of the Balearic Islands within the EU

Unita virtus est (Latin)
("Unity is virtue")

Anthem "La Balanguera"
Capital Palma
Largest city Palma
Other cities Manacor, Inca, Eivissa
  others Spanish, German
Demonym Balear
Government Parliamentary Republic
  legislature National Assembly of the Balearic Islands
President Ramon Aguiló (PSIB)
Prime Minister Francesc Antich (PSIB)
Area 4,992 km²
Population 1,001,970 inh.
Independence from FSR Spain
  declared 12 June 1992
  recognized 1992
Currency Euro
Calling Code +341
Internet TLD .ib
Organizations EDI, European Union

The Balearic Islands, officially the Republic of the Balearic Islands (Catalan: República de les Illes Balears, Spanish: República de las Islas Baleares) is a country in southwestern Europe, in the Mediterranean sea. It is an archipelago formed by five major islands and several dozen of other smaller islands.

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