Timeline: Morgen die ganze Welt spinoff

September,11 1948

Stalin meets with president Truman in Vladivostok. The leaders agree to go over to the attack in Russia. USA forces in Russia will be reinforced and eventually an expeditionary army will assist the Soviets. A massive offensive will be unleashed in April 1949. Details of the meeting become known in Germany and Axis forces in Russia are immediately reinforced.

October,9 1948

The Allies make a surprise raid on Axis bases in the Azores using aircraft carriers. There is heavy damage but a lot of the bombers are shot down by anti-aircraft rockets.

October,13 1948

Göring is given a note during an annual Reichstag meeting. It confirms that all the European Jews (save for those in Switzerland and Iceland) are now exterminated. In a speech to the Reichstag, Göring says "my predecessor said before that if the Jews in Europe started another war, that would be the end of the Jews in Europe. now that has come to pass. never again will the Jews threaten the Aryan race" his speech is greeted with thunderous applause.

October,22 1948

Large amounts of babies born are born with horrific defects, and the cancer rate has soared to over 23%. More Mercy clinics have opened all over the country.