Republic of Baktristan
Διμκρατυατ-υη Βαχτρηϸταν
Timeline: Fidem Pacis

OTL equivalent: Afghanistan, Pakistan
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Bactrian, Persian, Balochi
Religion Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Islam
Ethnic Group Bactrians
Demonym Baktristani
Government Presidential republic
  legislature National Assembly
Independence from Kasi Empire
  declared 1811
The Republic of Baktristan (Bactrian: Διμκρατυατ-η Βαχτρηϸταν, Persian: Δομκρατη-υη Βακτρησταν) is a sovereign state in south-central Asia, sharing borders with Iran, Hindustan, Kashmir and Turkestan. It shares a long history with both the Persian and Indian civilizations but, being centered on impassable mountains and highlands, it has frequently been independent from both.

Baktristan has been at the heart of many mighty empires over the centuries. The modern-day country has its origins with the Kasi Empire which originated in the area but which rapidly became Indianised after conquering the subcontinent. Baktristan itself rebelled against Kasi control during the First World War, aided by Chinese troops, and declared its independence in 1811 after the end of the war.

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