Texan Struggle, Alaskan Uprising


Texan Expansion


South Texan Rebellion

Baja Rebellion





Baja California


Baja California becomes South California, the 35th state.


American Government, Baja Republic

Mexican Government







Casualties and Losses



The Baja Rebellion was the fifth major act in the US Expansion. This act formed the Baja Republic and eventually turned Baja California in the the fifty fifth state of the USA, South Californai.

Pre Rebellion

Alaskan Uprisings led to Canada selling a sixth of its land to the USA, and Texas expanded at the same time, leaving other places in North America with ideas. Many people have tries to cross the border between Baja California, and California, leaving residents of Baja California to want to join the US. Some residents even created petitions to make Baja California a part of ten USA, this was because the USA had better citizen rights, but when showed to the Mexican Government, it quickly turned this down, and said that any protests to join the US were officially illegal. But this only made people angrier.

The Rebellion Starts

Mexico send troops to Baja California to make sure people followed the new law. But instead the people created their own jails and secretly trapped the troops inside. They threatened the government and declared themselves their own government, they called the Baja Republic. The American government took notice of this event, knowing that Baja is full of valuable gems, they helped the Baja Republic. The Mexican Government sent more troops to Baja and captured all rebellious residents, but the residents fought back, leading to the first major battle of the rebellion. It would of been hopeless for the Baja Republic if the US didn't help out. After two months of battling, a small county just south of California officially became part of the US.

Counties turn to a State

Over the next year, more and more counties in Baja became an official part of the US. The Mexican Government was overwhelmed, so they signed a treaty giving Northern Baja California to the US. All of this land though was still just territory, not officially a state quite yet. Southern Baja was still a part of Mexico and was still rebelling. For it was there that the Capitol of the Baja Republic was. But, counties kept becoming a part of the US slowly making their way south. In the next six month Southern Banns California belonged to both the American and the Mexican government, both governments arguing who has a firmer grasp on the area.

The US after the rebellion

But after more and more fighting, it was clear the Southern Baja was now officially a part of the US.


When it came voting time again, it was voted that Baja California would become the 35th state in the US and would now be called South California, leaving California to be called North California. But just towards the east, the same problem happens starting another rebellion.

Year Event
2009 Porta Rican Expansion
2010 Porta Rican Separation
2011 Texan Struggle, Alaskan Uprising
2012 Baja Rebellion, Texan Expansion
2013 South Texan Rebellion
2014 South Texan Expansion, South Californian Expansion, US Virgin Island Debate, Technology Islands Creation
2015 Hawaiian Separation
2016 Alaskan Separation

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