Timeline: The Disunited States of America

OTL equivalent: Baja California peninsula
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Mexicali
Largest city Tijuana
  others English
Currency Californian Peso

Up until 1900 Baja was a subdivision of Mexico. When Mexico fell apart in 1900 Baja became a new state. Even as Alta, Utah, and even New Mexico and Sonora became more English than Spanish, Bajans kept to their Spanish heritage. Baja has not engaged in very many wars in its history, only having gotten in three wars: The Great War, The Mexican War and The Bajan-Sonoran War.


Baja was settled by Spanish settled by Spanish settlers from 1519 to 1821 when Mexico declared independence. Mexico was not to last, however, and grew weaker with ever year. By 1900 it had ceased to exist. Baja set up trade with Alta California (OTL California) and just was happy sitting there. This peace was not to last. On June 28, 1914 with Franz Ferdinand's assassination in Serbia The Great War began. Unlike most Mexican States Baja didn't pick sides to start. Only when Sonora invaded them did Bajans side with the Central Powers. After Sonora Surrendered on September 13, 1921 did World War I end. As part of the treaty signed later Sonora ceded the Northwest part of the state. Baja would enjoy more than three decades of total peace. Unfortunately On June 30, 1953 Sonora invaded yet again sparking The Mexican War. Sonora disturbed Baja's peace and Baja responded with war. Although Sonora started the war it was by no means just Sonora's fault. Baja refused to 'return' land Sonora ceded after The Great War. Baja eventually defeated Sonora after more than seven years of brutal conflict. Baja did not gain anything but their ally Sinaloa took southern Sonora, a source of bitterness that would endure until the present. On January 7, 2007 Sonora invaded once more but unlike the other times Baja couldn't find allies. Their old ally of Sinaloa even sided with Sonora ending the wars between the two nations. Baja is now under joint occupation by Sonora and Sinaloa. The central regions continue to be free from either of these nations and war thus continues.

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