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The Republic of Baja
República de Baja California
Timeline: Rise of Roses

OTL equivalent: Baja California
1000px-Flag of Baja California svg No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
800px-Baja Rise of Roses
Location of The Republic of Baja
Capital La Paz
Largest city Mexicali
Other cities Ensenada,Tijuana
  others English,Native American Languages
Religion Catholic
Population 3,356,639 
Independence March,12,1856

The Republic of Baja or Baja California is a pacifist republic located between Mexico and California. The Republic is a strict isolationist nation that has gone through many industrial and infrastructural changes turning it into one of the most successful nations in Central America. The Second Great War was what killed its strict isolation and lead it into a participant in many world conflicts.


Revolts of the 1800 and independence

By the early 1800's, Mexico was fighting two battles at once, the Californian Revolution and the Texas Revolution. It was only when fighting spread to Upper Baja that many began to fear that Baja California would be devastated. Revolts began late 1840 and by 1853 peaceful revolts where occurring every where. The revolts continued and by 1856, the Mexican president feared another costly rebellion would begin; Many of his advisors said that Baja California would become another battle ground unless he allowed the peninsula territory to gain its independence. So on March, 12, 1856 Baja California gained its independence from Mexico.

The "Industrial Heart" of Central America

After the gaining independence, Baja began major reforms within the government and it also began its "Industrial Revolution" Baja soon began to flourish in wealth due to its successful programs and soon gained the name "Industrial Heart of Middle America" Mexico watched jealously from the sidelines as Baja California surpassed it as the most successful nation in the Middle America.

The First and Second World Wars

The two World Wars ended its age of isolation and began its Golden Age.

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