Federative Republic of Bahia
Timeline: The British Ain't Coming

OTL equivalent: Bahia, Espirito Santo, Rio de Janeiro
Flag Revolt of the Tailors
Flag of Bahia
Capital Ilhéus
Largest city Rio de Janeiro
Other cities Salvador, Vitória, Niterói
  others Dutch
Ethnic Groups
  others Black, Pardo
Demonym Bahian
Government Federative constitutional republic
President Magno Malta (DRM)
Area 657.088 km²
Population 41,038,675 
Established November 15, 1889
Independence from Portuguese Empire
  declared September 7, 1822
  recognized August 25, 1825
Currency Real
Time Zone UTC-3
Organizations Mercosur
 The Federative Republic of Bahia (Portuguese: República Federativa da Bahia), or Bahia, is a sovereign state in South America.

The nation is bordered by Paraná, Maragnon, Cerrado, Minas Gerais, and the Mauritian States.



On the banks of the Paraiba do Sul river, Pedro I declared the independence of the Kingdom of Bahia, which would last until 1889, when there is the proclamation of the republic.

The Capital Issue

The two largest cities of Bahia, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, constantly fought over which would be the country's capital. In 1857, Pedro II moved the capital to the city of Ilheus, stopping the fights between the two cities.

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