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Timeline: Luna: Earth II
Baedalflag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Baekdal in Red
(and largest city)
Language Korean
President Lee Myung Bak

Baekdal is a Lunar colony that was established by South Korea in 2000. Though it signed the Space Colonisation Treaty back in 1990, it wasn't allowed to colonise, so South Korea decided to re-sign the Treaty again in 2000 to be allowed to colonise. Baekdal is a Autonomous Province of the Republic of Korea.


The name means White Moon in Korean, as well as coming from the old Korean kingdom called Baedal.


Baekdal has 6 districts.

  • Yonghae
  • Hangdohwan
  • Aegukga
  • Cheongdosan
  • Shirikang
  • Baegeokgang

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