This is the background for Imperial Wars II


  • POD: Neapolitan Noble Giorgino Feliciano Edgardo Amalberti (Nicknamed Gio) publishes the Italian Man. This is a highly provocative book claiming that that the whole of Italy should be unified as a republic with Rome as it's capital. The Spanish rulers of his city declare him an outlaw and he goes into hiding. Though his book gains much popularity.


  • The Austrian War of Succession starts as in OTL but the British secretly give funds to Gio for him to create a revolt in Spanish held territory.
  • POD: Taxes in the kingdom of Naples and Sicily are increased in an attempt to raise money for the war effort this angers a lot of the population.
  • On the 18 June an uprising is held in Naples which throws out the Spanish. All over the Kingdom of Sicily except on Sicily itself the Spanish are thrown out. Gio creates an alliance with Austrians in which they supply him with weapons them believing it will simply be a good distraction for Spain.
  • As the war rages in Europe, the Spanish response is slow and limited. An army is launched from Sicily including much of the Sicily garrison lands on the southern tip of Italy to reclaim Spanish Italy. At a at battle Catanzaro on the 15th of September the Spanish suffer a small defeat but a retreat turns into a rout when the port of Reggio Calbrai rebels and throw the Spanish out causing the to have no way to escape.
  • On the 1st of October the Spanish are thrown out of Sicily and Gio becomes President of the Italian Republic for 5 years in a hasty and poorly conducted election. He sets about creating a good army and his reforms go well.
  • At the start of the 1746 the Italian Republic declares war against France and Spain and they go well with forcing the French out of Italy and they conduct a small invasion of France. While Gio is re-elected.
  • The war comes to an end in 1748 as in OTL with similar conclusions in the treaty except the Spanish are forced to recognize the Italian republic. The Italian republic sets out to fund nationalist in other parts of Italy,


  • As the Seven Years war approaches the Gio meets with Frederick in 1753 and they strike a personal friendship. They agree to launch a pre-emptive invasion on Austria.
  • POD: Elizabeth of Russia dies in the winter of 1755 and is replaced by Peter III who shows no interest in the Seven Years war.
  • POD: Field Marshal Von Browne and has an argument with Maria Theresa and is sacked and replaced by a younger much more aggressive commander.
  • As war grows nearer forces are split with some being deployed to defend the Alps and others on the Saxon border.
  • On the 29th August both the Italian Republic and Kingdom of Prussia declare war on Austria. While Prussia invades Saxony and the Italian Republic invades Tuscany. The Papal States stifles a minor complain but Gio stays away from Rome and continues on his march.
  • The day after the Austrians receiving their artillery leave their camp in Kolin and start a march into Saxony at a rapid rate.
  • After 4 days of marching the Austrians while under supplied arrive at Pirna to link up with the Saxon Army. Although the Saxons are reluctant to attack the Austrian commander believing he can defeat the Prussians convinces them to march.
  • The Italians fight a brief battle at Siena but they brush the enemy aside.
  • On the 7th of September the Austrians and Saxons clash with the Prussians at Wilsdruff where a series of frontal and hard assaults by the Austrians at first surprise the Prussians but after the repulse of the first 2 direct assaults there is a disagreement between the Austrians and Saxons which Frederick picks up on and he sends almost all his Cavalry Squadrons into the Austrian left flank breaking through to their rear while his infantry attack the centre. The Saxons leave the field shortly followed by the Austrians.
  • On the 8th of September both Florence and Dresden fall to the Prussians and Italians.
  • The Italians having forced Tuscany onto their side they create the Union of Italy. All the other states seeing Gio's army easily crush opposition all join against Austria upon hearing of Wilsdruff. While sending troops to hold the border with France they send troops to attack Austria.
  • The Prussians aggressively pursue the Austro- Saxons into Pirna which they then proceeds to encircle.
  • On the 10th of September Scherwin leaves camp to invade eastern Bohemia through Glatz
  • On the 15th of September the Italians start fighting with Austrians in the Alps with neither side taking significant ground. This is in part because Gio had little interest in actually invading Austria but simply to keep them drawn in while Fredrick wins up north.
  • With a lot of forces and wounded and most of their supplies having fallen to the Prussians they are forced to surrender on the 19th of September taking the Saxon Army into his.He then proceeds to advance into Bohemia and aim for Prague.
  • On the 24th September the Prussians and Saxons and an Austrian force fight outside Prague but with most of the Austrian forces either in the Alps or still moving from across the empire the Prussians win a good victory and drive the Austrians back into the city although Frederick elects to lay siege.
  • Austrian high command seeing the stalemate in Italy showing no signs of breaking and with the Prussians winning victories they decide to offer peace with the Prussians annexing Saxony and the Union of Italy remaining.
  • France seeing they now risk fighting 3 powers alone is not only forced to make peace but surrender all colonies as in OTL.


  • In 1761 Gio declines re-election to consul of the Italian Republic and accepts the title of Duke of Taranto and retires to his given lands.
  • In 1764 on the 12th April, the new consul of the Italian Republic declares a new Republic of Italy which they say will encompass the whole of Italy. Austria is while angry at this unification there is a great fear over fighting the unbeatable Prussians.
  • Sardina, Venice and Tuscany unify to defeat Italy.
  • On the 18th April, Rome falls and the Pope has fled.
  • The Italian union forces and anti- Italian union forces meet at Peinza which is a victory for Italian union forces.
  • Florence is taken and to the cheering populace who hearing of the idyllic Italian Republic want to join.
  • By the end of 1746 the whole of Italy is under the Republic of Italy is under control. The capital is relocated to Rome.


  • POD: The American Revolutionary War starts but Henry Clinton is given command of the Boston Campaign and takes the Charleston Peninsula at the neck and starves them out.
  • The British take the Dorchester Heights followed by Roxbury and Cambridge in June and July.
  • The British troops are reinforced and General Clinton starts marching south towards New York in August and Washington is forced to contuine falling back.
  • The King declares the colonies in a state of rebellion and attempts to raise as many troops as possible.
  • By the end of the campaign season in mid October, Philadelphia is in British hands.
  • As both sides try and build up over the winter in the spring both sides go back to fighting. With the American launching an offensive from the south to retake Philadelphia it badly fails while up north the British attack from both Canada and New York securing the Hudson river.
  • On the 17th of May the Continental Congress surrenders and is given a general amnesty but has to disarm.


  • Tensions rise in France as debts rise due to mismanagement by the King and in the mid 1780s a famine occurs.
  • In 1789 a mutiny is held in Brazil but is caught early and the conspirators are hung.
  • The Bastille is stormed by rioters while the Third Estate walked out of negotiations over the finance problems.


  • As the situation in Paris continues to worsen the revolution gets more serve. In 1792 the game starts with France in a state of internal strife and tensions in Prussia and Italy.

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