• The First World War ends with the treaty of Versailles. The Central Powers are occupied, broken up, and empires mostly dismantled. The Second Mexican Empire and the Empire of Brazil protest the treaty for its harshness.
  • The Spanish Flu epidemic kills millions world wide.
  • In Response to Perceived unfairness in Versailles Brazil establishes the Southern Alliance to prevent anything of this sort happening to Brazil or her Southern Allies. Gran Colombia protests heavily.


  • The beginning of the roaring 20's the US city of New York officially becomes the financial capital of the World.
  • Gran Colombia undergoes a government crisis following the revelation of rigged election in favor of the conservative Federalistas. The Rigged elections cause major riots and some minor but heavily damaging military mutinies paralyzing the country. The Empires of Brazil and Mexico agree to look into and mediate the Crisis. The League of Nations agrees.
  • Hitler attempts his coup in Germany but fails and is imprisoned.
  • The Russian Civil war ends and the USSR is established with Lenin as its Leader
  • Brazil and Argentina enter into talks of unification surprising all members of the Southern Alliances and the World.


  • The Gran Colombian crisis escalates with the potential of the whole nation breaking apart. A Coalition of Brazilian, Mexican, and American forces enters the country to keep the peace and find a solution. Elections to be held the next year.
  • French and Belgian Troops occupy the German Ruhr area to force reparation payments


  • Underlying tensions in Germany cause a mass riot over the occupation of the Ruhr. The German police keep unoccupied areas stable but the French military causes a massacre near a coal mine killing 30 rioters.
  • In a large surprise the Gran Colombian people elect a Pro Unification government government and warm relations ending decades of animosity between Brazil and Gran Colombia.


  • The Irish Free State is recognized as no long part of the United Kingdom
  • An Armed incident occurs between the Kuomintang and the Japanese Army nearly escalating into armed conflict.


  • The Stock market Crashes causing the beginning of the Great Depression.
  • In an attempt to mitigate the Effects of the looming Great Depression Brazil and Argentina Federate forming the Federation of the Americas under conditions promoting unity and the harmony of both nations and their cultures.


  • The Great depression continues and Peru hoping to save its chaotic economy accepts the offer of joining the Federation with much trepidation.
  • Gran Colombia joins the Federation 4 months later.
  • Most information about the unity, abilities, and economic strength of the Federation is unknown leaving most of the world to declare the nation a Failed State. British political analysts give the nation a decade tops.


  • The Philippines is granted independence
  • Adolf Hitler is appointed the German Chancellor.
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt is elected president.
  • An attempted coup fails to depose the Spanish government starting the Spanish civil war.


  • Germany begins the buildup of its armed forces past treaty limits. France and Britain do nothing.
  • The Federation extends real diplomatic hands to every nation across the world, but only receives warm welcomes from Germany and Japan.
  • Japan arranges the First Trade deal with the Federation giving it clear access to Oil.


  • Japan invades China sparking the Second Sino-Japanese War.
  • Most of the World Condemns Japan for the invasion but no action is taken
  • Nationalist forces take control of the civil war with German support. Republican Forces falter significantly.


  • German Forces annex Austria and seize the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia.
  • The British and French governments draw the line and tell Germany no more territorial annexations.
  • The Spanish civil war ends with a Nationalist victory.


  • German Forces invade Poland, splitting it with the USSR. Britain and France Declare war.
  • Japanese forces make further gains in China


  • France Falls to Germany in a stunning German victory. The British retreat from Dunkirk. Much of the French Navy under orders from De Gaulle, Free French government officials and by British pressure relocate. A combined force of French and British forces keep Algeria as the Capital of the Free French Movement.
  • In Europe, Britain stands alone as the Battle for Britain commences. The British gain new resolve following the bombing of London. Winston Churchill boldly gives his "We shall fight on the Beaches" speech to great reception.


  • The British and Germans fly bombing sorties at each other day in and day out for months. The British Navy begins major improvements to its U-Boat fighting.
  • Germany begins amassing forces to Fight the Soviet Union only to be distracted by the Balkan Campaign.
  • Commonwealth Forces conduct a daring Invasion of Calais surprising the Germans as they begin their invasion of the USSR.
  • German and Italian Forces begin the African Campaign fighting Free French forces as they invade Algeria.
  • Commonwealth and Free French forces push Italy and Germany out of North Africa.
  • Germany begins the Invasion of the USSR utterly dominating the Eastern Front.
  • Pearl Harbor occurs drawing the US into the War which immediately pushes the US into major operations against the Second Mexican Empire.


  • Soviet forces stall the German advance just barely before Moscow
  • Soviet counterattacks push the Germans back
  • US forces begin sending major aid to the British.
  • Minor news of ships bearing the Federation flag in the Caribbean is reported
  • The Mexican Empire launches operation Atzlan and boldly challenges the United States which has seized much of the northern border states.


  • The Mexican forces stall out just south of Texas but have managed major gains.
  • German Forces commence their next offensive of the USSR moving on the Caucasus and Stalingrad.
  • The US begins operation Tempest in order to drive Mexico out of the War simultaneously with Operation Typhoon to begin the push back of Japan.
  • The Federation of the Americas announces its joining of the Axis and launches operation Salvation surprising even Germany and Japan with their effectiveness, Seizing most of the Caribbean within 5 months and Forces the US Navy to divert resources to the home front.


  • The War in the Americas comes to a stalemate with Federation and US forces supplying their allies abroad
  • The German Army suffers a humiliating but not entirely debilitating defeat in Belarus beginning the great retreat back to Germany.
  • First hard evidence of the Final Solution begins to surface as evidence of Genocide expands exponentially.
  • The British Beach-head of Calais is finally expanded as more British, American, and Canadian troops Arrive. Free French troops plan a simultaneous invasion of Vichy France securing the freedom of France once again in short order.


  • German forces hold the line in the West as best they can while throwing forces at the Eastern front with Abandon. Federation expeditionary air corps help support both fronts in order to keep their ally in the War.
  • Japan manages to hold the line against the US navy and Marines as their divided attention forces the US to send marginal forces to the Pacific.
  • By the end of 1945 the Third Reich collapses. A Deal is struck ending the Federation and Mexican involvement of the war in exchange for the strategic advances being recognized. Japan is alone following this agreement


  • After 3 years of Brutal warfare and the finalization of a Nuclear weapon the Japanese empire is defeated and occupied by the US ending the war
  • The Second World War ends with a death toll of 95 million people, the destruction of the old world order, and the Emergence of the US and the USSR as superpowers and the tacit recognition of the Federation as a Potential superpower.

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