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Strasserism Hammer and Sword
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Timeline By Century

The world of Nordica begins in an intricate time period. This vital Background must be analyzed in order to gain a better understanding of the later events that would transpire.  These events, which began with the fateful raid by Norwegian Vikings upon an Anglo-Saxon church in 793, would unfurl to create the current world.

Early Britain and Scandinavia

The Vikings in Britain

The Vikings first began raiding England in the late 700s, starting with a forray at monasteries at Lindisfarne (793) and Jarrow (794). These first raids were conducted by Norwegian Vikings, but they would eventually go on to focus upon colonizing parts of Scotland and Ireland (as seen with the establishment of Dublin in 839.

The first Danish raiders to attack England raided Sheppey in 835. In 838 King Egbert of Wessex, defeated a combined force of Danes and Cornish ammased to weaken the strongest Anglo-Saxon kingdom at Hingston Down. By the 840s, Viking raids had become extremely prevalent and one of the most-feared aspects of Anglo-Saxon life.

In 841 the Vikings wreaked great destruction in Lindsey, East Anglia, and Kent; in 842 Southampton was plundered. In 844 the King of Northumbria, Rædwulf, was killed fighting against the Danes. In 846 the combined feudal levies of Somerset and Dorset defeated a Danish force at the mouth of the River Parret.

As a result of this battle, the Danish Vikings focused primarily on the continent of Europe rather than on Anglo-Saxon England from 846 until the 850 Invasion of Wessex.

The Vikings on the Continent

Bordeaux raided 847, falls 848

Important People

This part of the background addresses important people in OTL who play little to no role in the ATL but may often be referenced in relation to other important people within the ATL. As such, some background on these important OTL people will be provided here, although in the context of the greater ATL.

  • King Egbert of Wessex - Founder of the House of Wessex, Father of Æthelwulf

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