The end of the Vietnam war in 1972 sparked the interest of thousands of American troops that did not return home after the conflict; the families, agencies, and fellow comrades all had firm belief that the Republic of Vietnam was still holding POWs. In 1981, the CIA, along with the Pentagon, found ample evidence to suggest almost 50 American men were being held somewhere in Hanoi; the US government on December 3rd, 1984 sent in a special forces team to recover at least a few of these men. In the process, however, the American military force was captured and brutally executed by Vietnamese soldiers; this leaked to the media, general public, and government. In January 1985, with mass public support, the US demanded the Vietnamese government return the surviving soldiers and POWs. The government denied, and therefore the American government sent 300,000 soldiers with permission from the UN, to reinvade Vietnam.....

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