Neo-Babylonian Empire
626 BC - 525 BC 3by2white.svg

Flag of Babylon

Capital Babylon
Languages Akkadian language
Aramaic language
Religion Akkado-Sumerian Mythology
Government Monarchy
 •  626-605 BC Nabopollasar (first)
 • 562-530 BC Amel-Marduk- (last of the unified empire)
 • 530 - 525 BC Sargon (ruler of diminished state)
Historical Era Era One
 •  Anti-Assyrian War 626 BC
 • Reign of Amel-Marduk 562 BC - 530 BC
 • Collapse of Unified Babylon 530 BC
 •  Persian Conquest 525 BC
Currency Barter

Babylon,officially the Neo-Babylonian Empire,is a nation in Europe. it began in 626 BC.


Reign of Amel-Marduk

In 562 BC,Amel-Marduk came to the throne.He defeated a coup attempt by his brother in 560 BC.Amel-Marduk ended the Jewish Exile and freed the Jewish King.The Persians invaded and Amel-Marduk defeated them.In 530 BC,the Nobles killed Amel-Marduk.

Mesopotamian Cities Period

With Amel-Marduk's death,the empire was destroyed.Judea and Phoenicia seceded and Mesopotamia was split in 4 with Susa, Ashur,and Nineveh asserting Sovereignity.As such In 525 BC,Cyrus conquered Babylon.


Babylon was an absolute monarchy.The Emperor had all the power.

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