They called it the "Mountain of the God's" having been created in remembrance of the great mountains beyond the sunset. Some among the elders insisted that beyond the great forest there were mountains - hills of great height - that reached into the heavens where the Gods lived. The religious leaders had begun to build the great mountain with promises of blessings from the Gods when they were able to visit them among the clouds.

However, the work on the great temple was cut short as rebellion among the lower class caused a scattering of the people in all directions. But what they left behind was a culture which many scientists claim held secrets of even older times - of civilizations that rose and fell at the whim of forces of nature (or the 'gods' as the legends describe it). Legends of the splendor of Babel faded as the forests reclaimed the land upon which the unfinished structure lay.

In modern times, expeditions have braved the rain forests to learn more about the roots of mankind. World wide biological research has indicated that human DNA has diverged from the stock of the original inhabitants of the lost cities of "Babel" - the very land that the ancient writings revererd by Jews and Christians say was ruled by a man some legends call a god by the name of Nimrod. The widest dispersion of DNA, in fact, is said to come from the tribe which Nimrod claimed as his own.

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