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— Subdivision of Concilium Mundi
Timeline: Ætas ab Brian
(and largest city)
Established 2088(1335)

Throughout the 19th century, as Rome's economic monopoly on the Erythraeum and the poor crop weather on the Horn of Africa brought desititude to many, pirates began to strike and a Barbaroi king, Shebel bin Abdullah, began raids and blockades on Habasiah and Arabia Felix in 1898(1145). The raids were failures, but Abdullah's admirals managed several humiliating victories over Rome's Vaporemes until they were eventually sunk in 1900(1147), ending the blockade. The pirates were eliminated soon after. Rome became more wary of the Barbaroi kingdoms and tribes but continued to leave the area independent. The Barbaroi economies were never the same.

Very little changed until 2045(1292) when Cæsar Gemellus arranged for a few kingdoms to have their leadership changed. He had negotiations for their status as protectorates take place. Gemellus had visited the Barbaroi when he was younger and apparently felt Roman leadership would benefit the people.

In 2098(1345) The CM would move its Headquarters to the Babarorum capital of Caluula.

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